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Chapter 2782: Depends on Your Performance

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So after learning this, Lu Man would move from time to time to tell him that she was still here.

She knew that if she woke up to talk to him, it would affect his sleep.

It would also reveal her intention, and he would definitely not let her continue.

So Lu Man did this without letting on to give him peace of mind.

But was Lu Man really asleep

Because he knew that if Lu Man had really been asleep, she would not have moved an inch.

Lu Man was definitely like him; she would wake up after a while to move so that hed know she was still here.

Including today at the family home.

She was clearly exhausted, but she still wanted to give him peace of mind.

He was not angry at Lu Man but at himself.

Lu Man was pregnant, but she could not sleep well because she had to care about his feelings.

Han Zhuolis heart was overflowing with guilt.

Xie Jiling had clearly promised that there was no problem at all.

It was just because he did not feel safe in his heart that Lu Man had to suffer with him.

“Its all my fault.” Han Zhuoli sighed, blaming himself.

Lu Man did not comfort him and say things like it was not because of him.

Instead, she said, “So stop staying up to watch over me.

If I know that youre not sleeping, then I wont be able to sleep.

To make sure you have peace of mind, I wont dare to fall asleep.”

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“Okay.” Han Zhuoli nodded.

He knew what Lu Man meant.

If he did not sleep, then she would stay up with him.

If he wanted her to rest well, then he should rest well himself.

“Sorry, I was too anxious,” said Han Zhuoli, reprimanding himself.

Lu Man shook her head and held Han Zhuolis hand.

“I understand your concerns, but I am really fine; I dont feel unwell anywhere.

I also know that even if I say this, you cant be fully relieved, but for the sake of giving me peace of mind, please stop torturing yourself.”

Or else, she would continue staying up together with him.

If he could bear that, he would continue to do this.

Han Zhuolis mouth twitched as he heard the threat hiding in Lu Mans words, and he said immediately, “I got it.

Dont worry, I will definitely sleep.

If you dont believe me… you can take a look tonight!”

Lu Man raised her eyebrows and said, half-smiling, “Youre making me stay up at night to make sure if youre really asleep”

Han Zhuoli choked and said immediately, “You cant do that!”

He held Lu Mans hand tightly.

“Just sleep peacefully tonight.

Tomorrow morning, you can see if my energy is good; you can just check whether my eyes are still red.

I promise, I will sleep properly tonight and let you see a well-rested me tomorrow.”

Lu Man smiled sweetly.


Depends on your performance.

I will check tomorrow.”

To show that he was really going to sleep, Han Zhuoli intentionally dragged Lu Man to bed really early.

Lu Man was not worried that Han Zhuoli would have any weird thoughts now anyway.

In the past, just by looking at his eyes, she would know whether he wanted to sleep or make love to her.

But now, she did not even need to look at his eyes.

Because there was someone in Lu Mans womb, Han Zhuoli could not mess around.

So no matter how much Han Zhuoli wanted it, he had to hold it in.

However, probably because Han Zhuoli had been feeling scared ever since she got pregnant, he did not have the time to think about all these.

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