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Chapter 2794: How Could It Be True Love

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Jiang was confused.

“Fine.” Mrs.

Jiang nodded and went upstairs with Jiang Yujie.

But if Mrs.

Jiang was honest, she really hoped that Jiang Yujie came back this time because she had broken up with Lu Qiyuan.

So she returned to make up with them.

Even though Jiang Yujies eyes look refreshed, her face was pale.

Her eyes were red and swollen, like she had just cried.


Jiang felt strange.

When she heard the shouting of those kids, shed felt furious.

But now that she had calmed down, she knew that even if she was angry, she could not go to peoples houses to question them.

It was Jiang Yujie who did those things, bringing them shame.

Its true that they should not criticize her like that.

But her family did not have any confidence to refute.


Jiang let out a huge sigh.

Her eye bags were slightly flushed, and her head was down as two teardrops dripped secretly.

The stairs were narrow, so only one person could walk at a time.

Two people could walk at a time, but it was just a little cramped.

So Mrs.

Jiang and Jiang Yujie walked one after the other.


Jiang walked in front and secretly wiped away her tears.

“You…” said Mrs.


“You came back because you broke up with that man”

Jiang Yujie paused for a few seconds and said, “Lets talk when were inside.”


Jiang did not say anything else.

The two rushed upstairs.


Jiang was scared that there would be neighbors coming out to watch, so she sped up.

When the two entered, Mr.

Jiang came out from the living room.

Seeing Jiang Yujie, he had a long face.

“Youre back this time because you broke up with that man I told you before, if you dont break up, you cant come back!”

“Yes, I broke up with him,” said Jiang Yujie.


Jiang was surprised.

The tears that she had held back flowed out.


Jiang cried as she hugged Jiang Yujie.

“Good, good.

Its good that you broke up.

Yujie, dont do stupid things like that again.

Even if we dont have any money, our lives are not miserable.

You can find someone of a similar age and live an ordinary life.

Its so good.”


Jiang paused for a while and said, “Its good that you broke up.”

“After a while, when this thing dies down, there will be fewer gossips too,” said Mr.


Jiang Yujie nudged Mrs.



Jiang let her go as she heard Jiang Yujie say, “I didnt get together with him for money.”


Jiang said angrily, “How could it be true love”

That old man, even if he had maintained his health, he was still old.

Jiang Yujie, a young lady who had just graduated, truly in love with Lu Qiyuan


Jiang paused as he remembered that Jiang Yujie had not dated before.

She had no experience and was naive when it came to relationships.

Upon meeting Lu Qiyuan, who was a mature man with a successful business, her true love was taken away as she was bewitched by Lu Qiyuan.

“Dont say anything more.” Mrs.

Jiang tried to convince Mr.


“Its good that she broke up with him.

Lets start fresh and forget the past.

“Yujie, youre doing fine.

Dont be tricked by Lu Qiyuans sweet words.

If he comes to find you again… dont believe him no matter what,” Mrs.

Jiang said to Jiang Yujie.


Jiang turned around to discuss with Mr.


“Even though the gossips may be gone after a long time, we still have to endure for a long time after all.

How can we not allow Yujie to come back until the rumors are gone Besides, even if there are fewer rumors, if Yujie appears, the people around will still talk behind her back..”

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