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Chapter 2800: This Car…

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“You dont need to say anything more,” said Mr.


“How can I blame you now Ignore the fact that you didnt use Lu Qiyuans money.

Even if you used it, so what”

He did not have any right to reprimand Jiang Yujie.

“However, I am still happy that you didnt use it.

I am still very happy,” added Mr.


Jiang Yujie also turned her tears to laughter, immediately saying, “Then lets not delay anymore.

Lets pack up.”

Jiang Yujie was afraid that they would pack too much and take too long, so she said, “The house that I rented is just a temporary accommodation, so you only need to take your daily necessities and enough clothes to change into.

“Its not like were not coming back here.

The purpose of renting that house is to prevent Lu Qiyuan from sending people to attack us before hes caught.

Back then, he did not even let Lu Man, his own daughter, and a wife who has spent more than a decade of hardships with him, off the hook, not to mention us.

“This is a huge matter which will make him go to jail; he will definitely not let us off the hook.

Who knows what kind of insane things he will do He could frame my older brother for a bidding.

Now its something that his freedom and properties depend on.

Hes the kind of person that can sacrifice anything for his own benefits, so why will he let us off the hook

“He knows that we stay here.

Im afraid that he will do something, so I secretly rented a house at a discreet place for us to hide in for a while.

After hes caught, we wont need to hide anymore and can still come back, so we dont need to pack everything.

“When we return next time, whether we want to continue to stay here or move houses, we can talk about it when that time comes.

Its not too late to pack up by then,” said Jiang Yujie.

“Okay, okay, okay.” Mrs.

Jiang nodded.

Without delaying any further, she dragged Mr.

Jiang to pack up immediately.

Jiang Yujie also helped.

Jiang Yujies stuff had already been secretly moved to the new place.

So Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang just needed to pack some clothes and toiletries.

There was not much to pack.

It would be enough if the two carried a backpack each.


Jiang was terrified that Lu Qiyuan would come, so she was already panicking.

“Were done packing, lets leave immediately.”

Jiang Yujie nodded and brought Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang downstairs to the car.


Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang both noticed that Jiang Yujies car was different from the one that they saw last time.

But they also remembered that Jiang Yujie had not been back for so long.

The two did not say much and got in the car.

When Jiang Yujie drove out of the compound, Mrs.

Jiang asked hesitantly, “Yujie, this car…”

Jiang Yujie explained, “Didnt that car get smashed by Xia Qingyang Lu Qiyuan wanted to buy me another one but I declined, saying that its fine to just fix it at the automobile sales service shop.

Because of that, he thought that I was super nice.

“Actually I was unwilling to have more connections with him.

I drove that car of his before, and I also used my own money to secretly buy a second-hand car,” said Jiang Yujie.

“I thought about it.

To hide from him, its more convenient to have a car of my own, just like how I rented a house secretly to hide from him.

This car was not expensive because I had to save money to rent the house.

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“And even when we appeal, we have to get a lawyer, so I had to save the estimated lawyer fees,” said Jiang Yujie.


Jiang waved her hand, afraid that Jiang Yujie had misunderstood what she meant..

“I dont mean that youve spent Lu Qiyuans money, I just…”

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