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Chapter 2808: Really Gorgeous

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So even when Han Zhuoli stopped watching her, nobody dared to cast Lu Qi in a film or invite her for any events.

Xia Qingyang was in prison and Lu Qiyuan had not cared about her for a long time.

And it was impossible that the He family would give Lu Qi money.

Lu Qi could only depend on the events in the countryside and moonlight in the low-tier, small cities to earn some money.

It was impossible to return to her lavish and wonderful life in the past.

However, Han Zhuolis and Lu Mans attention was no longer on her.

So Lu Qi could finally look for an opportunity to give her body to a director.

Thinking about it, it was insulting.

Back then, when Lu Qi and He Zhengbai were on good terms, shed kept her body clean.

She had never slept with anyone in the entertainment industry.

Because Lu Qiyuan could be her source of funds.

And she had to hold on to He Zhengbai, so obviously, she could not do anything that would affect their relationship.

That was why shed wanted to push Lu Man to Lu Hanli.

If her plan did not work out, she would rather hurt Lu Hanli and frame Lu Man to protect herself, preventing others from taking advantage of her.

However, that was in the past.

Now, He Zhengbais and her relationship was in ruins.

No matter who she slept with now, He Zhengbai would not even look at her.

There was nobody to invest in her either.

Lu Qi did not have any right or the backing to act all high and mighty.

So she had already slept with so many people just to be a small side character in a web drama series.

She finally got to know this director through the assistant director after slowly climbing her way up by sleeping with people.

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This director was just a low-tier director who could not even make the ranks in the industry.

Or else he would not be directing a low-quality web drama series right now.

If the series was lucky, it could bring fame to the main character in the series.

However, the popularity of the main character did not just depend on the series itself; it also depended on the forces behind it, like the number of clicks, flooding the screen to brainwash the netizens, making a huge impression, and so on.

Even if the series was ordinary, once the main character was popular, the series would also be popular.

Even the side characters included could benefit.

However, all these needed capital.

Most of the web drama series did not even have this power.

Most of them looked for low-tier actors and simply made a series.

However, the one Lu Qi chose this time was not bad.

The investment was alright, and it was not a shoddy drama series that was just going with the flow.

It could not be considered well-made; after all, there were quite a few web drama series that were better than the shows that were broadcasted by television stations, causing their popularity to explode.

The one that Lu Qi chose could not make it to that level, but it still was not a bad one.

She chose this show because she saw that it was not bad, but it would also not attract too much attention, so Han Zhuoli and Lu Man would not notice.

She also thought of a way to be cast in the show.

For this, she mixed with the director of this show.

It seemed like the director also thought that giving Lu Qi a character who was a nobody should not be a big deal, and Han Zhuoli would not do anything to him just because of this small matter.

He did not even know if Han Zhuoli knew about his web drama.

So when Lu Qi came to him to sleep with him, the director did not reject her.

He was working hard on Lu Qis body.

Even though Lu Qis reputation was terrible, she had a good-looking face.

The director lowered his head and looked at Lu Qis flushed face, which had a hint of sentiment..

It was really gorgeous.

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