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Chapter 2815: I Was Blind Back Then

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He Zhengbai said, “The two of them probably had all kinds of problems and did

not seem like good people, but they had never done anything wrong to you.

They didnt owe you anything, but you could still betray them without


“I dont have such a deep connection with you.

Of course you will betray me

without batting an eye.

How can I trust someone like you You have never

wronged me in the past, but with your personality, isnt it just a matter of


“Take right now.

Arent you messing with other men behind my back, betraying

me said He Zhengbai coldly.

“You still wronged me first! For you, I sacrificed so much and lost so much.

However, after you have gotten those things, you think that I have no use

anymore and threw me aside while finding new people who are of value to you!

You already hurt me, so how dare you expect me to be loyal to you

“You can lead a life of debauchery, being accompanied by sex partners and

friends with benefits.

Why cant I have fun with other people too Besides, Ive

already given you so nmuch! A lot of what your family has belonged to my

family! However, youre unwilling to spend a single cent on me to help me in

my business.

“Then fine, I wont expect anything from you, because I have already seen

through you.

I can think of other ways myself.

I didnt ask you for help or make

you pay for anything.

I thought of solutions myself and you dared to hit mel

said Lu Qi furiously.

“Heh!” He Zhengbai laughed out of anger.

“You dont have anything now.


a person who doesnt have any skills or background.

I gave you marriage and

took care of you.

I was already very merciful to you.

Youre not grateful and

betrayed me!”

Lu Qi did not understand.

He did not care about her anymore.

It would be better

if they lived their own lives.

Whether it was in the entertainment industry or in the circles that their

families were in, married couples who did not have feelings anymore and

living their own lives each were very common.

Lu Qi saw that He Zhengbai did not treat her as his wife, messing around

outside even more than before his marriage.

Of course Lu Qi was angry.

She also had the intention of exacting revenge.

But she also felt that this was an agreement between the two.

She did not expect that He Zhengbai could be so unreasonable; he could mess

around but she must stay loyal to him!

What kind of logic was this!

“So you want to divorce” asked Lu Qi coldly.

‘Divorce secretly andI wont post these photos,” said He Zhengbai.

Lu Qi scoffed coldly.

“If you want to divorce, I will expose that you hid our

marriage and planned to deceive others into marriage!”

“Its no fun beating around the bush like this.” He Zhengbai squinted, looking

down on her.

“You can tell about our marriage, but these photos will also be

seen by everyone.

Who do you think will suffer more”

Lu Qi glared fiercely at He Zhengbai.

“He Zhengbai! I was blind back then to

have my heart set on you!”

“Yes, you were blind” If she was not blind, how could she be in this state

He Zhengbai did not care about Lu Qis insult at all.

Lu Qi was just a tool to He Zhengbai anyway.

He never had real feelings for her.

Lu Qi was not just blind for liking him but also for betraying her own parents.

She disappointed the only people who would be good to her wholeheartedly.

It was uncertain whether Lu Qi understood the meaning behind He Zhengbais


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