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Chapter 2820: Made Friends Carelessly

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So Lu Man had already thought about it.

If Han Zhuoli posted on Weibo at midnight and she fell asleep without saying anything

By tomorrow morning, when she posted on Weibo, people would already be wondering whether their marriage was breaking down.

She felt exhausted just thinking about it.

So Lu Man secretly set an alarm using her phone.

No matter what, she had to wake up at midnight to post it with Han Zhuoli.

She did not care about the opinions of those unrelated.

However, she could not just do nothing when she knew she could avoid the problem, which would cause people to doubt Han Zhuolis and her relationship.

She felt awful just by thinking about it.

If another person who had feelings for Han Zhuoli really believed it and came to pester them, this would be a loss.

So Lu Man secretly set an alarm.

But before she could even set it, Han Zhuolis phone rang.

Han Zhuoli saw the incoming call.

If it was about business, he would go out and talk to avoid disturbing Lu Man.

‘When he saw that it was from Old Mrs.

Han, he tured on the speaker and let Lu Man listen.

“Grandma, why are you calling at night” asked Han Zhuoli after picking up.

Old Mrs.

Hans voice came from the phone.

“Tomorrow will be the day Lu Man is officially three months pregnant, right”

Han Zhuoli did not say a word.

Lu Man was speechless.

Nobody thought that Old Mrs.

Han would also remember it so clearly.

“Grandma, you remember it clearly too,” said Han Zhuoli, smiling.

“How can I not” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“After Man Man was confirmed to be pregnant, I have been counting.

I would mark the calendar day after day.”

“Grandma, do you have any plans” asked Han Zhuoli.

“Tam just asking you whether you plan to announce it after midnight,” asked Old Mrs.


Lu Man gave Old Mrs.

Han a like.

She knew her grandson too well.

“Ido plan to do that,” said Han Zhuoli.

“Aiyo, luckily I asked you first,” said Old Mrs.


“Dont be in a hurry to announce it.”

“Why” asked Han Zhuoli.

He was very impatient.

Old Mrs.

Han said, dissatisfied, “I still need to tell my pals.”

She continued in complaint, “If you announce the news first and only then can I tell the others, whats the point Theres no surprise anymore.”

Han Zhuoli thought that the pals of Old Mrs.

Han might not think it was surprising.

“Fine, then I will announce it later.

Grandma, when do you plan on telling them” asked Han Zhuoli.

Old Mrs.

Han said considerately, “I am thinking of telling them this great news tomorrow morning.”

“Tomorrow morning, Then I still have to wait for one night” Han Zhuolis tone was filled with disappointment.

Old Mrs.

Han said, “I also wanted to tell them tonight, but you know that people sleep early when theyre old.

At midnight, people our age are all sound asleep.

How can I wake them up

“Besides, if I tell them such great news, other than those who are married and have kids like Zhaoyang, those who have single ones like Young Qian in their family will be overjoyed after hearing and wont be able to sleep.

That wont be nice,” said Old Mrs.

Han, her expression full of trouble.

Han Zhuoli did not say a word.

He was unsure whether he should let out a sigh for Old Mrs.

Wei, Old Mrs.

Zhao, and Old Mrs.

Qin as they had made friends carelessly.

Even if they could not sleep at night, would it be because they were happy

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