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Chapter 2821: The Two of Us Have a Revolutionary Bachelor Friendship

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They were all impatient about the fact that their grandsons still did not have wives, not to mention children.

However, it was not his familys worry.

Han Zhuoli just let out a sigh and did not care anymore.

He asked Old Mrs.

Han, “Then when do you plan to tell them”

“In the morning tomorrow,” said Old Mrs.


“At six or seven.

After I tell them, I will tell you.

Then you can announce it.”

“So early” Lu Man was shocked.

Old Mrs.

Han was very considerate not to wake them up at night, but she was still going to wake them up early in the morning.

Both were equally painful.

“Aiyo, its fine.

We old people sleep less.

We sleep early and wake up early.

We sleep at nine at night and wake up at five or six in the morning, Thats early!” said Old Mrs.


Han Zhuoli wished that Old Mrs.

Han could tell them earlier so that he could show off.

He nodded immediately.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Tell your pals earlier so I can announce it early too.”

“No problem,” Old Mrs.

Han agreed readily.

The grandmother and the grandson were excited during their discussion.

Old Mrs.

Han said, “How do you think I should tell my pals for it to be more effective How do I start”

Han Zhuoli said, “What should my first sentence be when I post the good news”

Lu Man watched as the two said their own things without answering each others questions, but the two could still talk with so much excitement.

Even if they could not get an answer from each other, they could express the joy in their hearts by asking each other questions one by one.

Lu Man was speechless.

She was alittle curious about whether the two would talk for a whole night if nobody stopped them.

But the two really could not talk for the whole night.

After a while, Old Mrs.

Han started yawning.

So Han Zhuoli reluctantly hung up the call with her.

It was not easy to find someone he could share the joy with.

For the past two months, he could not tell anyone.

He had held it in for too long.

Seeing that he had ended the call, Lu Man yawned and wanted to remind Han Zhuoli to sleep earlier.

Then, she saw Han Zhuoli open WeChat.

After a while, Lu Mans WeChat notifications also started coming in.

Han Zhuoli did not sleep and she could not sleep either, so she took out her phone.

She tapped on WeChat.

The messages were from the 8864 group.

‘When she tapped it, she saw Han Zhuoli say, “Tomorrow is the day Man Man is three months pregnant.

@Wei Zhigian, are you ready”

Wei Zhigian was speechless.

Wei Zhigian: “I am not the only bachelor, why did you tag only me”

Han Zhuoli: “This is because originally, the two of us had a revolutionary bachelor friendship.

Back then, among the many bachelors in the group, the two of us suffered the most, right

Wei Zhigian was speechless.

Han Zhuoli: “I wont talk about my grandma chasing me with a feather duster every day.

Your grandma used me as an example to educate you, saying that if you didnt work hard, then she would have to do the same to you.”

Wei Zhigian was speechless.

He regretted telling what his grandma said to Han Zhuoli!

Back then, he saw that Han Zhuoli was also suffering like him, sometimes even more than him.

Han Zhuoli was like the wolf in the phrase “If you cry again, I will let the wolf take you away,” being used as an education material by Old Mrs.

Wei for Wei Zhigian.

Wei Zhigian deeply felt that he and Han Zhuoli were brothers in suffering, ones who had a solid relationship..

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