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Chapter 2823: Wanted to Hit Wei Zhiqian

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Both the front and back courtyards took up a lot of land.

Not only did the courtyard of each house separate the houses, but there were also many plants between the houses.

So even though the distance between each house was not considered far, it was not near either.

“We can just use firecrackers to attract everyones attention; itll be simpler that way.” They did not need to go knock on every houses door.

People would definitely come and ask what was the good news.

Old Mr.

Han was speechless.

It was early in the morning.

People had not even woken up, and she wanted to use firecrackers to make the whole place noisy.

She was afraid that the god would not be able to hear.

“How can I” said Old Mrs.


“You think Im stupid”

“Telling the good news to my pals will need at least an hour.

When we light the firecrackers at eight oclock, everyone will be awake.

Today is Wednesday, they need to go to work.”

Those who stayed here were all CEOs or presidents of various companies.

But they woke up earlier than the rooster.

“Eight oclock is an auspicious time.” Old Mr.

Han nodded his head, expressing his agreement to this time.

“But do we have firecrackers”

“Yes, yes, yes,” said Old Mrs.

Han immediately.

“When Zhuoli and Man Man got married, didnt we use it There are still some left, so I kept them.

Theres also Zhuoling and Xiaoya.

When its not enough, we can just get more.

Who would have thought that we can use it today”

Old Mr.

Han thought in his heart that today was a day of disaster for the neighbors.

Who would have thought that his house would have firecrackers

The two could not sleep anyway, so they got up.

They tidied up and even ate breakfast earlier.

Old Mrs.

Han asked Auntie Sun to find the firecrackers and prepare them.

Old Mrs.

Han saw that it was seven oclock, and she immediately called Old Mrs.


Old Mrs.

Wei was still eating breakfast at home.

She was eating bone broth porridge and was feeling amazing.

‘When her phone rang and she saw that it was from Old Mrs.

Han, Old Mrs.

Wei had a bad feeling.

Usually, if it was not something important, she would talk about it on WeChat.

But if it required direct calling, it meant that Old Mrs.

Han definitely had something to brag about.

Old Mrs.

Wei suddenly felt that the porridge was not that delicious anymore.

With a heavy heart, she picked up Old Mrs.

Hans call.

“Ah, youre awake, right” asked Old Mrs.


“Lam eating breakfast.” Old Mrs.

Wei put down her spoon.

“Why are you calling me so early”

“Aiyo, isnt this because I have good news I have been keeping it inside, but I can finally tell you now, so I wanted to tell you first.” Old Mrs.

Hans joy could be felt through the phone.

“Youre the first one among my pals to know!”

Old Mrs.

Wei was speechless.

‘What was it that could not be said before and could only now be said

Old Mrs.

Wei suddenly had a feeling about what Old Mrs.

Han wanted to say.

Indeed, she heard Old Mrs.

Han say, “Our Man Man is pregnant! Today marks the third month!”

Old Mrs.

Weis mouth twitched and she wanted to hit Wei Zhigian.

“Thats good news.

Congratulations, congratulations! Aiyo, joyful things keep happening one after another in your family.

Zhuoling had just gotten his marriage certificate not long ago and Lu Man had another good news,” said Old Mrs.


“Iknow, right! My family is full of blessings, full of blessings!” Old Mrs.

Han boasted shamelessly… “Man Man felt unwell previously, and when she went to get checked at the hospital, who would have thought that it would be found out that she was one month pregnant”

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