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Chapter 2824: Hit Too Many Times by Me

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“Were particular about this and didnt tell others until she was three months pregnant, so I didnt tell you immediately.

I waited until today, when shes three months pregnant, to tell you immediately.”

Old Mrs.

Han paused and said, “Thats because were best pals.”

Old Mrs.

Wei was speechless.

Thanks a lot.

She could not describe her complicated mood.

“In the future, I might not have a lot of time to meet with you guys,” said Old Mrs.

Han, full of regret.

Old Mrs.

Han laughed in her heart.

There was no need to ask why.

She knew, and Old Mrs.

Han did not need her to ask why.

Old Mrs.

Han was such a drama queen.

She could act out a whole film by herself.

There was no need for any supporting role!

‘As expected, Old Mrs.

Han said, “In the near future, I will have to take care of my great-grandchildren.

There are still seven months to go, but time flies.

Before I can even have time to react, Man Man will give birth to this child.

After she gives birth, I think Xiaoya will give birth soon too.

“After a while, I will have to take care of two great-grandchildren.

I wont have time to play with you guys!” Even though Old Mrs.

Han was saying something sad, her tone sounded so joyful.

Old Mrs.

Wei was speechless.

Was Old Mrs.

Han treating maternity matrons and the aunties in her house as decorations

Just as she was thinking that, Old Mrs.

Han said, “Therell be maternity matrons, and the aunties will also help to take care of them.

I will just be responsible for playing with my great-grandchildren.

Think about how soft theyll be, like small rice cake dumplings.

Theyll be so fun and so cute.

“Lwont do anything other than playing with my great-grandchildren every day.

I dont think therell even be enough time,” said Old Mrs.

Han joyfully.

Even though her great-grandchildren were not born yet, just by thinking of the near future, Old Mrs.

Han could not stop herself from smiling.

Old Mr.

Han saw how happy Old Mrs.

Han was showing off, and he also could not help himself.

He took out his phone secretly and ran to the study room to call Old Mr.


Old Mrs.

Wei was still calling Old Mrs.

Han when she heard the phone of Old Mr.

Wei, who was at the same table, ring.

Old Mr.

Wei took a glance at his phone and picked it up.

“Old Han, whats up”

Old Mrs.

Wei heard Old Mr.

Wei and she rolled her eyes.

This couple wanted to die!

They both called to brag.

Was it not enough to call one of them only

Old Mrs.

Han already told her.

Could she not tell Old Mr.


However, when Old Mrs.

Wei heard Old Mrs.

Han thinking about the near future, that beautiful scene also appeared in front of her eyes.

She was really jealous.

‘When could she carry those soft dumplings

Subconciously, Old Mrs.

Wei spoke the truth from her heart.

‘When Old Mrs.

Han heard the depressing words of Old Mrs.

Wei, she suddenly felt superior.

Old Mrs.

Han sat up and straightened her back, looking proud.

Luckily, she was not seen by Old Mrs.


Or else Old Mrs.

Wei would have been furious.

Old Mrs.

Han said, “Youre almost there too.

Work harder and hit Young Qian a few more times to stress him out so he can hurry up to find a wife, then he will find one.

Look at our Zhuoli.

He was hit too many times by me.

I said before that if he couldnt find a wife, then I wont let him into my house..”

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