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Such a tone, why did it feel like if anything happened she would be held responsible

It sounded very pressurizing.

Lu Man bade goodbye to Shen Nuo, and they both went to their own rooms.

In the room, the maid hired by Han Zhuoli for Lu Man was waiting for her.

The Auntie had come very early and had already met Lu Man.

“Miss Lu, dinner has already been prepared, are you planning on taking a bath first or having dinner instead” Auntie Liu asked with a smile on her face.

Lu Man was grateful that Han Zhuoli who had thought of all this.

She knew that filming was tiring, but she did not think it would be this tiring; after filming for a day, when she came back, she really did not even want to move her pinky, she practically did not even have the energy to eat.

Thankfully, she had Auntie Liu by her side who took care of her.

No wonder all those celebrities needed an assistant following them.

“Ill take a bath first.” After filming on the mountain for a day, she was completely covered in dust and her hair was dirty.

Lu Man quickly took a bath and washed her hair clean.

Her whole body was now relaxed, and she felt more comfortable while eating.

“These…” Lu Man saw the dishes on the table, they were all famous delicacies of B City.

Auntie Liu smiled and said, “I made these are the dishes after borrowing the kitchen in the hotel.


Han instructed that he was scared that you would not get used to local food of South Yunnan.

He even said that it was too tough for you to film in the morning, and easy for your body to heat up, thus I should not let you eat spicy food when you return and instead, have you eat cooling foods.

The temperature difference between day and night was vast, after midnight it would become colder and colder, but in the afternoon, the temperature would soar high and it would become very hot.

Moreover, the local food here was spicier and no matter which dish it was, they would put spices in it.

Lu Man could eat spicy food, but Han Zhuoli was scared that since she would be worn out after filming, her body temperature would rise and if she were to eat spicy food, it would be even more uncomfortable for her.

Moreover, Lu Man really did want to eat bland food anymore, she was so tired that she did not have much of an appetite.

Taking the soup that Auntie Liu passed to her, she took a mouthful and warmth surged up in her body as well as her heart.

Although Han Zhuoli was not by her side, his concern for her never left her.

At that moment, Lu Man instinctively took out her phone, wanting to give Han Zhuoli a call and just then the doorbell of the room rang.

Lu Man put down her bowl and stood up to open the door, she was shocked to see Old Madam Han and Shen Nuo at the door.

“Old Madam, Madam,” Lu Man greeted.

Old Madam Han pursed her lips unhappily.

“Why didnt you ask who it was before opening the door Your entertainment circle is so messy, there are often rumors that when filming, the female and male actors from the same crew would knock on each others doors.

Oh, there are even those who knock on the directors door.”

Old Madam Han stared at Lu Man.

“What if it instead of us such people had knocked on your door”

Lu Man: “…”

“How did you know that Im filming” Lu Man asked.

“…” Old Madam Han was stunned, could it be that she fell into a trap

Shen Nuo instantly helped, “Its just that this morning, the girl with you told us.”

“She told you” Lu Man was confused.

“She told us,” Shen Nuo nodded.

“She said that after you carry my mother-in-law, and go off to film, you wont have energy or something like that.”

Lu Man thought about it, it seemed… there was really something along the lines of that spoken earlier.

“Alright, stop talking and quickly let us in.

Are you just going to let us stand outside You yourself said that we should feel free to find you in case we need anything, yet when we came to you, you stopped us right at the doorway,” Old Madam Han urged her.

“…” Lu Man could only make way for them and apologize, “Im sorry, I forgot.”

“So young, yet your memory so bad!” Old Madam Han rebutted.

Lu Man: “…”

Old Madam, your temper is so bad, does your grandson know

After inviting the Old Madam and Shen Nuo into the room, when Old Madam saw that Lu Mans room had a full spread of dishes from B City, she instantly knew that this was definitely her grandsons doing.


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