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Chapter 2836: They Did Not Give People a Chance to Survive

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Lu Man felt sorry for Zheng Tianming and said, “Then I will take a look around to see if there is any suitable girl to be introduced to Zheng Tianming.

Zheng Tianming is not young anymore.

He spends his days alone working.

Thats quite sad.”

“Just leave it to Grandma,” said Han Zhuoli.

“Hmm” Lu Man was confused.

Han Zhuoli smiled gently.

“Youre pregnant now, and it isnt good to think too much.

Dont make yourself too tired by finding a girlfriend for Zheng Tianming.

Grandma likes to be a matchmaker anyway, and she also knows Zheng Tianming well.

How about we leave it to Grandma She has more

experience as well.”

Han Zhuoli was high-sounding.

Actually, he just did not want Lu Man to think about Zheng Tianming.

Lu Man could only think of him alone and no one else.

So Han Zhuoli cunningly pushed this matter to Old Mrs.


Lu Man did not think that Han Zhuoli was so petty, and she did not feel it as well.

Instead, she felt that what Han Zhuoli said made sense, so she nodded and said, “Youre right.”

Poor Zheng Tianming did not even know that not only did Han Zhuoli not want to introduce a girlfriend to him, but Han Zhuoli also did not want to allow Lu Man to do the introductions.

“You should work.

I wont disturb you anymore,” said Lu Man.

“Theres not a lot of work today.” Although Han Zhuoli said this, he already went to his desk subconsciously to prepare for todays work.

However, Han Zhuoli realized that he felt more free today.

He did not know that he was free today, but Han Zhuoling was tired.

Everyone was afraid of Han Zhuoli today because of what Han Zhuoli was like during the meeting in the morning.

They were afraid that when they came to report their work to Han Zhuoli, Han Zhuoli would talk about Lu Mans pregnancy to them, not allowing them to leave.

It was extremely frustrating.

It was as though their wives had not given birth before!

Back when their wives were pregnant, they were happy, but they did not cross the line, not allowing people to leave and repeating their wives pregnancies hundreds of times in a day.

They had to go along with Han Zhuoli and flatter him when he talked about Lu Mans pregnancy.

But when Han Zhuoli started talking, he would not stop for a while.

Even if they went along with him and flatter him, they would run out of words.

Today, the CEOs office was like a tigers den to the people of the Han Corporation.

Poor Han Zhuolings workload was strangely increased.

Frustrated, he frowned as he looked at Manager Luo from the finance department, who was reporting to him.

Han Zhuoling did not need to show a stern expression.

He just had to look silently and he was already stern enough.

Poor Manager Luos legs and stomach were already shaking, but thinking of Han Zhuoli, he still felt that it was better to face Han Zhuoling here.

These brothers were terrifying!

They did not give people a chance to survive!

One would talk about his wifes pregnancy to you.

This one was normal, but his cold expression was too terrifying.

“This is not my responsibility.

Why did you come here to me without going straight to the CEO” Han Zhuoling placed the document on the desk.

He squinted his eyes.

The older Young Master Han had not been a workaholic in so long, and now he was very unwilling to take on work that did not belong to him.

Manager Luos legs were shaky as he faced Han Zhuolings questioning.

It was as though his mouth had a muscle cramp; it jerked a few times and he said, “Madam CEO is pregnant and is now in the CEOs office, so I dont dare to disturb them.

I thought that this isnt something big, so its the same whether

its you or the CEO who deals with it..”

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