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Chapter 2842: He Really Did Not Want This Younger Brother Anymore

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This made the single and beautiful young women in the company beat their chest and stamp their feet as they suffered.

They should have kept to their word when they said they would not look for a partner among the female employees in the company.

Even if they found others, the women would not have felt so regretful.

So now, when the female employees saw Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya, they had mixed feelings.

Shi Xiaoya did not understand the mixed feelings of the female employees.

‘When she met the ones she knew on the way, she even greeted them heartlessly.

In that manner, she went all the way to Han Zhuolings office.

On the way there, she was seen by many people.

‘The managers of the various departments also knew her.

They thought about what these two brothers were planning.

One brought his wife to work, so the other felt lonely seeing it.

Was that it

Everyone could imagine the scene of these two brothers eating together.

One would brag about his wifes pregnancy while the other would brag about his marriage.

They did not need to talk about the same thing, they just had to show off.

It was like only they had wives in the whole world.

The roar of anger in the hearts of the managers could not be heard by Han Zhuoling.

Upon hearing a knock on the door, he said, “Come in.”

Right after that, he heard the door opening.

When he heard the footsteps, Han Zhuoling knew who it was.

He could not be more familiar with Shi Xiaoyas footsteps.

‘When he raised his head, he saw Shi Xiaoya enter with a smile on her face.

Han Zhuolings heart, which was cold because of Han Zhuoli, was immediately warmed by Shi Xiaoya.

He stood up rapidly, went around the office desk, and stood in front of Shi Xiaoya.

“You came.” Han Zhuoling carried Shi Xiaoya up.

Shi Xiaoyas feet left the floor and she had to clung onto his waist with her arms around his neck.

Han Zhuoling carried Shi Xiaoya and sat down on the couch.

In this position, Shi Xiaoya sat on Han Zhuolings lap.

“You dont know how bad Zhuoli is,” Han Zhuoling said to Shi Xiaoya.

The older Young Master Han was hurt.

“Its fine.” Shi Xiaoya held her laughter in.

She had never seen Han Zhuoling like this.

What did Han Zhuoli do to force Han Zhuoling into this state

“We also just got married.” Shi Xiaoya comforted him.

“If we have to show off…”

Saying this out loud herself, Shi Xiaoya felt embarrassed and blushed.

After all, this did not suit her personality.

She was always humble, or else her fellow employees would not think that she had an ordinary family even after she was in the Han Corporation for so long.

For Han Zhuoling, she tried her best and said, “We wont lose.”

Knowing her personality, he did not expect Shi Xiaoya to say this.

Han Zhuoling could not stop himself from smiling.

“Lucky I called you over.”

If not, how sad would it be for him to face Han Zhuoli and Lu Man alone

Han Zhuoling had the confidence now.

He even wanted to be intimate with Shi Xiaoya now.

It was fine even if they just kissed without doing other things.

It was rare that Shi Xiaoya came.

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoli called.

Han Zhuoling was speechless.


He really did not want this younger brother anymore.

Han Zhuoling picked up and heard Han Zhuoli say, “Brother, Ive made a reservation.

Lets go.”

“Okay,” answered Han Zhuoling while nodding, “See you at the hall.”

After speaking with Han Zhuoli and hanging up, he relayed it to Shi Xiaoya..

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