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Chapter 2847: They Did Not Want Any of That

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He was a genius since he was young, graduated from a famous school, and even found a good job.

Before he was framed by Lu Qiyuan, Jiang Huaizhous life was going smoothly and he was in high spirits.

Because of this, Jiang Huaizhou also had his own pride.

But all of these were ruined by that rat Lu Qiyuan.

He had destroyed Jiang Huaizhou, and now, he had even destroyed Jiang Yujie.

In the near future, after Jiang Huaizhou had gone through all these setbacks, it was uncertain whether he could still return to being that high-spirited youth.


Jiang sighed in her heart secretly, worried for Jiang Huaizhous future.


But she could not say these now.

It was a good thing that Jiang Huaizhou had regained his freedom, so she should not talk about these things that would ruin the mood.

Jiang Huaizhou was finally out, and no matter what, he should rest at home for a while to recover.

After all, it was uncertain how much he had suffered in prison.

Future matters should be left for the future.

Jiang Huaizhou looked outside the car window.

He had finally come out after two years of not having freedom, but it felt like a lifetime.

B City, a city that he had not left since he was young, suddenly seemed strange to him.

Although B City went through drastic changes, it had only been two years, and it was not like Jiang Huaizhou could not recognize it at all.

“This is not the road we used to take to go home.” Jiang Huaizhou thought for a while and asked, “We moved”

Before Jiang Yujie could say anything, Mrs.

Jiang said, smiling, “Yes, we moved.”

She explained, “Now that youre back, the rooms of our house are not really big enough, so we moved to a bigger place.

However, were still renting it for now.

Once we have sold our original house, we will buy a second-hand house that is slightly bigger.”

Although Mrs.

Jiang said the reason was because the house was not big enough, Jiang Huaizhou knew that it was because his parents were worried that the neighbors would talk bad about him.

When he and Jiang Yujie were home, they were able to live in that house.

Although it was a little cramped, everyone had their own space.


Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang shared a bedroom.

His original bedroom had been given to Jiang Yujie.

After all, Jiang Yujie was a girl and needed more personal space.

Then, they created a separate space in the living room, built up walls and a door, and placed a small single bed and a desk for Jiang Huaizhou.

There was enough space for this family of four.

Now, they suddenly said they had wanted to move, and it was because they were afraid that people would talk bad about Jiang Huaizhou behind his back.

It was still that same reasoning; he was framed, but not everyone would be kind enough to believe that.

Obviously, there would also be kind people.

They would also sympathize with Jiang Huaizhou sometimes, comforting him.

But though it might be out of good will, it would be uncomfortable to reveal his scars again.

So it was better if they simply moved.

Good will or bad will, they did not want any of that.

Because Jiang Huaizhou did not know about what had happened to Jiang Yujie, he did not know that the reason Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang moved was also because the neighbors all knew about Jiang Yujie and Lu Qiyuan.

They were scared that if Jiang Huaizhou heard about this, he would overthink.

At the same time, it was bad for Jiang Yujie.

Finally, they could reunite as a family.

They could not force Jiang Yujie to not return home just because of those gossips.

So, after Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang discussed it, they decided to live in the house that Jiang Yujie rented.

‘When Jiang Yujie first rented the house, she was very thoughful..

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