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Chapter 2850: Untitled

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She could almost feel the heat radiating from his body.

It was extremely hot.

Jiang Yujie secretly took two steps back.

Her face was feeling too hot, and she was afraid that her face would be too red, so she did not dare to raise her head.

Avoiding Jiang Huaizhous gaze, she said, “Theres still some time until dinner.

Want to take a walk around the area to familiarize yourself”

“Okay.” Jiang Huaizhou nodded, smiling.

Jiang Yujie turned around immediately and walked ahead.

‘When they reached the door, she heard Jiang Huaizhou call her from behind, “Yujie.”

“Hmm” As Jiang Yujie answered, she did not think much and subconsciously tumed around to face him.


Unexpectedly, in front of her was pitch blackness.

Jiang Huaizhou had come and hugged her.

Jiang Yujie was frozen from surprise and was just hugged by Jiang Huaizhou.

His body still had the scent of the wormwood leaf, which clung to him at the door.

On his body, it smelled fresh.

Jiang Yujie shook.

Her eyes were wet and she could not make a single noise.

Her heart was in pain as a bitterness emerged inside abruptly.

Jiang Yujie did not dare to cry.

She closed her eyes and tried her best to ensure that her tears did not come out.

“Lam sorry for you,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

Jiang Yujie froze.

Jiang Huaizhou said this as if… as if he knew something.

The color in Jiang Yujies face faded.

But in her heart, she thought that it was impossible.

After all, before Jiang Huaizhou was released, they wanted to prevent Lu Qiyuan from bringing trouble.

So Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang did not dare to go out of the house, not to mention visit Jiang Huaizhou.

Besides, Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang had also promised her to not tell Jiang Huaizhou.

Jiang Yujie believed that Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang would not secretly tell Jiang Huaizhou.

If only because they did not want Jiang Huaizhou to feel guilty and blame himself, they would not tell him.

Jiang Huaizhou did not hug her for long, He let go off her and saw that Jiang Yujies face was a little pale.

Unsure of why, Jiang Huaizhou asked immediately, “What is it Do you feel unwell”

Jiang Yujie shook her head.

Seeing that there was nothing strange with Jiang Huaizhou anymore, she felt that she was overthinking.

Jiang Huaizhou placed his palm on the top of her head and rubbed it.

He said, “Now that I am here, you dont have to work so hard anymore.”

Jiang Huaizhou sighed and said, “I just came out and may not be able to find a good job.

However, I will try my best to share the burden.

I wont let you wait for too long.

I will definitely support this family and will never let you work so hard again.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yujie nodded, smiling.

“Huaizhou, you…” Mr.

Jiang suddenly opened the door and entered.

Jiang Huaizhous hand was still on Jiang Yujies head.

At this moment, he did not have time to think much.

Out of instinct, he immediately put his hand down.

So when Mr.

Jiang entered, he saw the process of Jiang Huaizhou putting his hand down.

And he was extremely fast too.

He saw that the two were even standing quite close to each other.

He could not help but to size up the two of them.

“Dad.” Jiang Huaizhou felt that Mr.

Jiangs gaze was not right, so he immediately called to Mr.


It was as if Mr.

Jiangs gaze was saying that there was something between Jiang Yujie and him that others could not know.

During these two years, Jiang Yujie had supported this family by herself.

And only Jiang Yujie had believed in his innocence and had not given up on saving him.

Actually, even if hed had to wait three years, four years, or even longer, or until he was already released to be proven innocent.

Jiang Huaizhou would still have been happy.

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