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Chapter 2859: Did Not Show Any Abnormalities or Signs on the Surface

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“Twill try it with my savings first to see if my ability has worsened.

If I still have the skills, I plan to start an investment company,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

Jiang Yujie was smart and good with studies; she was quick to lean anything.

Or else, she would not have been in a famous school, nor would she have been able to make Lu Qiyuan take such a huge fall.

Lu Qiyuan was plotted against by someone closest to him while in his own territory.

However, no matter how smart she was, she had areas where she was not good at.

Jiang Yujie was not good at being an investor.

‘Whether it was choosing foundation and stocks or trading gold, in all of which shed have to manage her own risks, Jiang Yujie was not good at them.

So usually, she only used her own money to buy the banks wealth management products, which did not require her to manage herself.

Although the interest rate was lower, it was at least simpler.

So Jiang Yujie really did not understand what Jiang Huaizhou was saying.

She just knew that Jiang Huaizhou was skillful in this area.

Knowing that Jiang Huaizhou had a plan and had already started to act on it, Jiang Yujie became relieved.

She thought that she could leave peacefully after seeing Jiang Huaizhou having a successful start.

So in these few days, Jiang Yujie used the excuse of finding a job to slowly pack her luggage.

She only took a little at a time and put it in her shoulder bag, which had a huge amount of space, before leaving.

She secretly filled her luggage with things that she needed.

However, at home, Jiang Yujie did not show any abnormalities or signs on the surface.


After Lu Qiyuan got into trouble, the one who was most affected was not Lu Man but Lu Qi.

It wasnt until this was on the news that Lu Qi found out Lu Qiyuan was in jail.

Which meant nobody could help her regarding her divorce with He Zhengbai.

Even if the He family had had second thoughts because of Lu Qiyuan, they would not have any from now on.

He Zhengbai was really going to divorce her.

Lu Qi used the excuse of being inconvenienced as she was shooting a film with the production crew to delay going through the divorce process with He Zhengbai.

Now that her part was done, He Zhengbai immediately came to prompt her.

She could no longer delay it.

Besides, He Zhengbai still had those pictures of her.

Lu Qi knew that if she did not care, she could hold on and not divorce.

If He Zhengbai really wanted to divorce her, he would probably go all out and reveal the truth that he was married to Lu Qi.

Even if he had to go through the legal process, he would divorce her.

And with the pictures that He Zhengbai had, if they had to go through the legal process, the consequence to her would not be good.

After Lu Qi pondered for a long time, she realized that she did not have anyone to depend on.

After thinking for a long time, she still decided to discuss with He Zhengbai.

Even if she had to divorce him, she had to gain some benefits for herself.

‘Whatever she could fight for, she would.

So, Lu Qi went to He Zhengbais house straight away this afternoon.

Back then, when the two had just gotten married, before she lived in the He residence, He Zhengbai had arranged his old apartment for her to stay in.

And the He family also bought another house for He Zhengbai.

It was uncertain whether they did it on purpose to anger her.

‘When they got married, Lu Qi had already told He Zhengbai that she did not want to stay in that apartment.

She had complained that the apartment was not big enough.

He Zhengbai did not allow her to move, saying that it was up to her whether she wanted to stay here or not.

Who would have expected that He Zhengbai would not come home and would pretend that he was single while flirting outside

The new house that the He family had bought for him was a huge mansion.

Although it was not a villa, the size of it was on par with that of a villa.

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