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Chapter 2867: You Have the Audacity to Make Yourself Look Good

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“Then I will contact your father and decide a time for our two families to sit down together and meet up.”

Sun Jingfei said obediently, “Uncle, you make the call.”

At this moment, the helper who had been slapped by Lu Qi went behind Yang Lin.

She lowered her head beside Yang Lins ear and whispered while covering her lips with her hand.

Yang Lins expression changed, but she hid it immediately.

However, this sudden change was still seen by He Zhengbai and Sun Jingfei.

However, Sun Jingfei was careful and did not say much.

He Zhengbai frowned slightly.

He wanted to ask, but it was not easy to do so as Sun Jingfei was still here.

Yang Lin smiled and said to Sun Jingfei, “I will go take a look in the kitchen.

Lets eat a simple meal at home tonight.”

“alright,” answered Sun Jingfei, well-behaved.

Yang Lin got up and walked outside.

Once her back was to Sun Jingfei, her face darkened immediately.

Lu Qi hid behind the wall and saw that Yang Lin was walking over.

She knew that if Yang Lin came, she would have no chance.

Lu Qi had heard and seen the fake words and fake looks of He Qingyang and Yang Lin.

She could not help but think about their attitude towards her.

The entire He family was not good at all!

If Yang Lin came, she would not be able to reach her goal.

So before Yang Lin came, Lu Qi rushed out straight away.

She almost bumped into Yang Lin, who was trotting towards her.

Lu Qi despised the He family, so she would not treat Yang Lin like a mother-in-law or an elder.

She pushed Yang Lin aside.

Today was the first time that Sun Jingfei came.

Yang Lin had especially dressed up nicely.

She wore a long skirt, which was slightly tight, so she could not take big steps.

Although she was wearing slippers at home, she almost fell after being pushed by Lu Qi.

He Qingyang was furious and stood up.

“What are you doing!”

Lu Qi was also enraged.

Looking at these disgusting faces, she could not think of anything else; there was only a heart full of anger.

Without hesitating, she threw the bag in her hand right at He Zhengbais face.

He Zhengbais handsome hair, which he had taken care of, was hit by the bag.

His hair was messed up and his forehead became red.

“He Zhengbai, you son of a b*tch!” Lu Qi growled in anger.

“You havent even divorced me yet and you want to marry already”

Yang Lin was shocked and afraid that Lu Qi would say more.

With a sound, she landed a slap on Lu Qis face.

Lu Qis face was crooked from the slap.

“What nonsense are you talking about!” shouted Yang Lin in anger.

They had almost connected to the Sun family through marriage.

But Lu Qi had to mess things up now.

How could that be!

Lu Qi touched the side of her face that had been hit.

She raised her head, her eyes bloodshot.

‘The comer of her eye was scratched by the ring on Yang Lins finger.

It could be seen how much strength Yang Lin had put into that slap.

Lu Qi grinned.

She did not care about whether she looked good or not.

“Nonsense Its you guys who are talking nonsense! What you said just now disgusted me!” Lu Qi fiercely spat.

“Pooh! Youre clearly a b*tch and you have the audacity to make yourself look good!

“Sun Jingfei, let me tell you.

What they said was all fake.

Everything is the opposite of what they said!”

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