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Chapter 2869: Then Youre Nothing Good Either

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“You dont believe me” Lu Qi stared at Sun Jingfei.

“Ive got the marriage certificates! I can show you!

“If you still dont believe me, then youre nothing good either!” Lu Qi was both angry and anxious.

It didnt matter if Sun Jingfei was innocent or not.

Even if she was innocent, Lu Qi still hated Sun Jingfei.

“You know he has a family, yet you became the third party eagerly, and for such a ridiculous man! Youre a daughter of a rich family, so what do you lack You just have to become something embarrassing!” Lu Qi said furiously.

He Zhengbai was already through the roof when he kept hearing her call him “thing” and “ridiculous.”

And now shes bringing Sun Jingfei into her rants.

Only to see Sun Jingfeis angered face.

Did she really have no inkling of He Zhengbai and Lu Qis relationship

Shes not a fool either.

Its true she pretended to be unknowing and only trusted He Zhengbai while He Qingyang and Yang Lin were speaking.

In reality, who didnt know about He Zhengbai and Lu Qi

Did they think everyone forgot about all those news in the past

Its only that she felt pretty good about He Zhengbai kicking Lu Qi aside for her.

Didnt that bring out her charms all the more

Managing to snatch someone elses man right out of their hands.

Stealing like this made her seem better.

As for whether He Zhengbai would abandon her for another woman

Sun Jingfei wasnt afraid of this.

He Zhengbai dared to abandon Lu Qi precisely because she had no more backing and others to support her.

Thats the reason the He family dared to bully her like this.

But she had the Sun family, and the Sun family was much more impressive than the He family.

Wont the He family be pampering and putting her on a pedestal

It wouldnt be about He Zhengbai abandoning her for others but about whether he would dare to.

If someone asked her why she chose He Zhengbai out of so many men from other families

She also knew He Zhengbai wasnt someone reliable.

But in these times, especially in their circles, what reliable and sincere love existed

With men like Han Zhuoli, their wives were extremely fortunate, okay

Didnt Wei Wucais cousin Wei Rongxuan also marry badly and had divorced three times already

Sun Jingfei was clearheaded.

Even if men from the eight great families were good, they werent people anyone could simply latch on to.

Others only saw Lu Man and the others who had successfully married in.

They did not see the many who had failed before them.

Like Dai Yiran, Xia Yixin, Wang Qianyun.

None of them had a good ending.

With these lessons before them, only fools would follow in their footsteps.

But she was no fool, so she wouldnt aspire beyond her station.

As for He Zhengbai, she was even more reassured knowing he was nothing good.

Knowing someones true colors from the start was much better than blindly and wholeheartedly loving someone at the start, or letting down their guard over time, only to be betrayed in the end.

People like them all had marriage alliances within the circle.

Dont think that just because she was rich, she could find someone she liked, even if he was a kept man.


Having a gigolo for a fling or two was fine, but marriage was out of the question.

Werent those boy-toys all after the money too

If one was lucky, he or she could encounter someone good in these marriage alliances between the families.

Its only that Sun Jingfei grew up in these circles, so she knew clearly what these people usually get up to..

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