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Chapter 2873: Dragging You Down Is Also Worth It

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Her voice floated in from the window.

Sun Jingfei could hear it within the villa.

She shook in anger.

“Enough!” Without Sun Jingfei around, He Zhengbai stopped pretending.

He raised his hand and gave Lu Qi one tight slap.

It landed on the side that had been hit before.

The already red and swollen cheek received another blow from He Zhengbai.

The pain was multiplied.

Her face was burning before, and when the strike landed, it felt as if her face would split into two.

Lu Qi covered her cheek but quickly removed her hand when it stung from her touch.

It was impossible to touch due to the pain.

“Haha! You slapped me” Lu Qis cheeks were swollen like a red steamed bun now.

“He Zhengbai, did you come to think its easy to hit me ever since you slapped me after we got married Slapping me when and where you want Are you still a man Beating a woman

“Does Sun Jingfei know how you actually behave Oh, youre so used to pretending, Sun Jingfei surely has no idea!” Lu Qi shouted even louder, “Sun Jingfei, you better listen up! He Zhengbais got a bad habit of hitting women!

“Hes got no other ability, so hes hitting women to get some sense of superiority!” Lu Qi spat.

“What scum! Using force against women to feel superior and show your strength, only daring to act up in front of me.

Why didnt you do this against Han Zhuoli You suffered a setback because of others and

came to me to find a sense of achievement and superiority.

How f*cking disgusting!

“Come and judge, everyone! He Zhengbai not only got married in secret yet still pretended to be single, he even went to cheat with another woman! And now theyre about to marry, hes going to divorce me!” Lu Qi yelled.

“Come and see this disgusting scum, everyone! The He familys rather prominent, but

who knew theyre so underhanded!

“Theyre really a whole family of scum, bullying me because my parents arent here with me to support me.

A whole family bullying a single person!”

“Enough!” He Zhengbai grabbed Lu Qis wrist and jerked her over, growling, “You really dont care about those photos”

“Not one bit!” Lu Qi sneered.

“If Im going down, then so are you! Dragging you down with me is also worth it!”

He Zhengbai could threaten Lu Qi previously because he had her racy photos on hand.

As long as Lu Qi wanted to continue her career in showbiz, she couldnt let her already bad reputation sour even more.

A catch-22 situation, that was what it was.

But Lu Qi did not care any longer.

He Zhengbais face blackened.

“Then what do you want”

Lu Qi curled her lips smugly.

“Firstly, youve got to understand your current situation.

As long as you want to marry Sun Jingfei and we havent divorced, I can immediately come out to expose you.

Youre having an affair while being secretly married, even planning to marry her without divorcing me first.

This involves the Sun family.

Even if they know of it already and are willing to play along, its a different case if its being done secretly and if its been exposed.

“If the Sun family got exposed and their reputation was ruined after being dragged down by you, do you think theyd take this blow silently” Lu Qi sneered.

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