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Chapter 2880: Getting Rid of Future Troubles

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“Today, she dared to come and mess things up,” said He Zhengbai.

“If she hadnt come, would there be so many complications between me and Sun Jingfei I already have the leverage to ensure that I can divorce Lu Qi.

Everything was all planned up, but nobody expected her to mess it up.

“Today, she dared to ask for a hundred million.

If we really satisfied her demands and she saw how easy it was to get benefits, she would get addicted and would be greedier.” He Zhengbais expression was gloomy.

“The earliest she managed to bargain before going through with the divorce procedures is half a month before I get married.

Even then, if she showed the divorce certificate and people saw the date, they would connect it to my marriage date and know that I cheated.

“Whether the one Im marrying can really be Sun Jingfei, I will definitely need to find a partner to marry.

At that time, my wife and I will definitely not want to face this situation.

Once Lu Qi has had a taste of benefits, she will keep using this to blackmail me.”

Yang Lin also thought about this and sighed unhappily.

“How did we get involved with such a b*tch” She did not care about taking Lu Qis life.

If there was no terrifying consequence, Lu Qi was obviously better off dead.

“Where is Lu Qi staying now” asked He Qingyang.

“She should be saying in the orignial villa of the Lu family,” said He Zhengbai.

As he wanted to divorce Lu Qi, He Zhengbai had looked into her current situation.

He Qingyang thought for a while and said, “The Lu familys villa is not suitable.

There are too many surveillance cameras, so it will be easy to see who went there during the time of Lu Qis death.”

Yang Lin was shocked and looked at He Qingyang.

“What You… you support this idea”

He Qingyangs expression darkened as he said, “Zhengbai is right.

Lu Qi is greedy, and we cant keep feeding her arrogance.

If we obey her this time, she will think that our family is scared of her and is easy to take advantage of.

“People like Lu Qi bully the weak but are scared of the strong.

If we soften ourselves, she will keep on taking advantage of us.” He Qingyang continued, “When it comes to someone like her, we can only deal with it one time to get rid of future troubles.”

“But…” Yang Lin had more concerns.

“The risk is too great.

If were exposed or someone finds out…”

Yang Lin panicked.

“This is a crime of murder!”

“Worthless opinions!” said He Qingyang straight away.

“If youre so scared, you wont be able to achieve big things.

Think of the next few decades.

Rather than having a ticking time bomb in our family, its better to get rid of it straight away.”

He continued, “And this is not as serious as you think.”

“So I am too soft-hearted! Which one of you are going to do this Can you feel at ease if you pay someone to do it What if were caught or cant escape” said Yang Lin, hurt.

“Of course we cant get someone else to do it,” said He Qingyang as he turned to look at He Zhengbai.

“You do it yourself.”

“Me” He Zhengbai froze.

He Zhengbai had said it fiercely, as if he was bold, making Yang Lin feel terrified.

However, being requested by He Qingyang to do it himself, He Zhengbai became scared.

How… how could he do it himself

Luckily, Yang Lin still valued him.

Before He Zhengbai asked, Yang Lin disagreed, “No! How dangerous is that What if something happens What if… what if hes found out Zhengbai will…”

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