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Chapter 2892: Everything Was Covered Tightly

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It so happened that she also had some questions in her heart that she needed to be answered.

“Then lets not delay anymore and go see him now,” said Han Zhuoli immediately.

Lu Man was surprised.

So impatient

Han Zhuoli said seriously, “If his situation is really so dangerous, then he may die anytime.

If were late and he died, then what do we do”

Lu Man was speechless.

This sounded fresh and refined.

Thus, with Han Zhuolis urging, Lu Man did not delay anymore.

The two headed to the hospital.

They arrived at the hospital that He Zhengbai was in.

It was Chu Tian Hospital.

‘When he was in emergency, he was not sent to Chu Tian Hospital; he was treated nearby.

After saving his life temporarily, the He family transferred him to Chu Tian.

They trusted Chu Tian Hospitals skills more.

In other hospitals, if there were He family members there and they did not want anyone to see He Zhengbai, then it would be troublesome.

However, in Chu Tian Hospital, it was different.

Lu Man was really worried that they would not be able to see He Zhengbai.

‘The two arrived at Chu Tian Hospital and inquired about He Zhengbais ward.

He Zhengbai was severely burned, and he was on the brink of death; he might die anytime.

He was pretty famous in Chu Tian Hospital.

So when Han Zhuoli asked, they knew who he was talking about.

If it was another person, they would definitely not have allowed them to see.

But in Chu Tian Hospital, everyone knew Han Zhuoli.

Seeing that it was Han Zhuolis request, they did not even need the hospital director to tell them to.

They naturally brought Han Zhuoli and Lu Man over.

At the same time, they also told the hospital director about Han Zhuolis arrival.

The ICU ward was not like ordinary wards where people could stay for a long time.

So Yang Lin stayed outside the ward and looked inside through the tiny window, which was a little bigger than the size of a head.

Although she could not really see clearly, it was good to see He Zhengbai.

Looking at He Zhengbais tragic state, Yang Lin almost cried until she was blind.

She received a call from the police at midnight, saying that He Zhengbai was severely burned and was on the brink of death.

Everything went black and she froze, not knowing what to do.

‘When He Zhengbai went to find Lu Qi, he went straight from the He residence.

He was clearly doing well when he left.

How could he get severely burned and be on the brink of death

Yang Lin, He Qingyang, and He Zhengbais brother, He Zhengsong, arrived at the hospital immediately.

At that time, He Zhengbai was already being treated in the operating theater.

‘When He Zhengbai was out of the operating theater, the sky was already bright.

The three He family members did not sleep the whole night.

When Yang Lin saw He Zhengbai, her vision went black.

He Zhengbai was covered in bandages, wrapped up like a mummy.

Wherever there was a wound, it was covered.

But from He Zhengbais head to his toes, everything was covered tightly.

Even his face was covered, including the eyes.

Only his two nostrils were exposed, and a tiny slit was opened around his mouth so he could breathe.

It could be seen that even his face was severely burned beyond recognition.

How could his eyes be covered too

Were his eyes burned too

While Yang Lin was on the way, she did not expect He Zhengbais burns to be so severe!

Looking at his state, it was unknown whether his surviving was a good thing or not.

He Zhengbai was fighting for his life and was in agony..

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