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Chapter 2894: Its Not Good to See These Unlucky Things

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“Why are you here” asked Yang Lin reluctantly.

Her eyes were still red.

“To see how badly He Zhengbai has been hurt.” Han Zhuoli did not care about Yang Lins feelings at all.

Yang Lin heard this and knew that they were not good words.

Especially now that He Zhengbai was on the brink of death, Han Zhuolis words were like a curse on He Zhengbai.

But as far as Han Zhuoli was concerned, he was holding back.

He did not say that he was there to see if He Zhengbai was dead, as he was being considerate of Yang Lin as a mother.

This was really hurtful to a mother.

However, Han Zhuoli would not pity Yang Lin.

Besides, He Zhengbai was the perfect example of someone who would not die unless he sought death.

“Go away!” said Yang Lin angrily, her voice shaking.

“We dont welcome you here!”

“This is a hospital, a public area.

Theres no discussion about who is welcome here,” said Han Zhuoli coldly.

He leaned on the other window and looked inside.

He saw that He Zhengbai was bandaged like a mummy; not a single area of skin could be exposed.

Seeing He Zhengbais state, Han Zhuoli was relieved.

“Can you see” Han Zhuoli asked Lu Man.

Lu Man had to hold her stomach so it was not very convenient.

Her movements were not as dexterous as before.

Lu Man shook her head, saying, “I dont need to see.

You can just see for me.”

Han Zhuoli thought about it and nodded.


Youre pregnant now, and its not good for you to see these unlucky things.”

Yang Lin was so furious that her eyes reddened.

“You crossed the line! How can you curse others like that”

Seeing that Yang Lin was being so agitated, Han Zhuoli put Lu Man behind him, afraid that Lu Man would be hurt by Yang Lin.

He dragged Lu Man farther away and then asked her, “Now that we have seen him, shall we leave”

Lu Man also did not want to stay here longer.

After seeing Yang Lin, they could not really curse He Zhengbai viciously, but they did not have any blessings for He Zhengbai.

She nodded.

“Lets go.”

Yang Lin was furious.

“Piss off! All of you, piss off!

“Youre too cruel! My son is on the brink of death, but youre here to mock him! Why arent you the ones who got hurt Youre better off dead!” shouted Yang Lin angrily, her eyes red.

“Thats because your son did cruel things, so he received this judgment,” said Han Zhuoli coldly.

To him, He Zhengbai was fated to die a bad death.

In the past life, they burned Lu Man to death.

Lu Man also suffered in the flames.

She could not even die peacefully.

She was burned by the flames and died in agony.


Endless hatred came out from Han Zhuolis eyes.

Even if Lu Man had dragged He Zhengbai and Lu Qi to die with her, so what

Could that erase everything that He Zhengbai and Lu Qi had done

‘That she managed to drag them to die with her was due to Lu Mans capability.

It was not a reason to forgive He Zhengbai.

Besides, how could He Zhengbai die with Lu Man

Was he worthy!

Han Zhuolis eyes gave out a murderous look, silencing Yang Lin instantly.

In her heart, she was extremely dissatisfied.

She even hated Han Zhuoli and Lu Man for coming to He Zhengbais ward openly and cursing He Zhengbai.

However, before Han Zhuolis gaze of hatred, which seemed as though they had come alive, Yang Lin backed off and did not dare to speak a word.

She did not understand why Han Zhuoli had so much hatred..

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