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Chapter 2897 How Did I Get Found Out

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But as the Han Corporations leader, he had to remember these families.

“The two were simply dating.

Although they did not say anything publicly, everyone thinks that they are together.

‘Theres even news of the two families talking about marriage,” said Zheng Tianming,

Lu Man understood now.

She did not expect that He Zhengbais murders in the two lives would be because they had stopped him from getting more benefits through new relationships.

In the past life, she was the one who was in He Zhengbais way.

He Zhengbai was afraid that she would expose him and Lu Qi.

So He Zhengbai and Lu Qi wanted to burn her to death.

In this life, Lu Qi had no use to He Zhengbai anymore.

He Zhengbai was now with Sun Jingfei, so he felt that Lu Qi was in the way.

So he used fire to burn Lu Qi to death.

Lu Man told them her guess.

As Han Zhuoli knew about Lu Mans experience in her past life, when he heard this, he felt that Lu Mans guess was reasonable.

However, whether or not He Zhengbai would be found out in the end, he had already received his true punishment.

Judging from those injuries, he could not really make it.

Even if he made it, he would suffer in agony.

‘That was an even worse punishment than going to jail.

‘That night, He Qingyang and He Zhengsong came to the hospital from the office.

Yang Lin told He Qingyang and He Zhengsong about Han Zhuoli and Lu Man coming over.

“Whats so important that is happening in the company that both of you have to be there If at least one of you had been here, Han Zhuoli wont have brought Lu Man here to provoke us!” said Yang Lin angrily.

“They dared to curse Zhengbai in front of me! How evil!” Yang Lin pointed at the door of the ward.

“Zhengbai is still fighting for his life inside, and Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man to say that Zhengbai is something unlucky!

“It must be Lu Man! Back then, she was abandoned by Zhengbai, so she held grudges.

Now that she heard that something happened to Zhengbai, she brought Han Zhuoli to ridicule him.

Shes so evil!”

“Mom, even if we were here, thats Han Zhuoli.

What can we do to him” He Zhengsong did not feel embarrassed to say this.

They could not do anything to Han Zhuoli.

‘They did not dare to anger Han Zhuoli.

Why could they not admit this

If He Zhengsong had to say, even if he was scolded by Han Zhuoli, He Qingyang would also have admitted things in fear, afraid of saying anything more to Han Zhuoli.

That was because his power was crushing.

Yang Lin complained that they were not there.

However, even if they were there, what could they have done

Yang Lin would just have more company to be shamed with.

“You!” Yang Lin looked at her oldest son ragefully.

‘Today, she truly felt the coldness of the father and the son.

‘To their own son and own brother, they could be so heartless.

‘To them, kinship could not compare to benefits!

Yang Lin felt

pointed and said, “Youve been here for so long, but you havent even asked how Zhengbai is doing”

He Zhengsong thought that there was no need to ask as He Zhengbai had been burned to that state.

It was uncertain whether he could survive.

“Didnt you start talking about Han Zhuoli and Lu Man the moment we came” said He Qingyang.

“So we didnt even have the time to ask about Zhengbai.”

After He Qingyang said this, he received a call.

“What How did I get found out” He Qingyangs expression changed drastically.

His face froze.

After pausing for a while, He Qingyang said, “If they investigate you, keep your mouth shut about this!”.

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