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“When we talk about ignorance, youre a perfect example.” Chang Xianjin took out his cell phone.

“Alright, isnt it just a cup of coffee Look at how proud you are, if we dont drink coffee, its looking down on you I didnt drink it either, if you have the courage, then come at me! Tonight, I will treat everyone in the crew to dinner.”

After announcing that, he was about to call for delivery.

“Lu Man!” At that moment, a familiar voice suddenly called Lu Man.

Lu Man looked over in shock, she did not think that it would be Han Zhuolis driver, Xiao Chen.

Why was he here!

Lu Man could not bother herself with Bai Shuangshuang anymore, she was not sure if it was Han Zhuoli had come over, thus she rushed over.

“Xiao Chen Why are you here Did Big Brother Han come as well”

“The CEO isnt here.” Xiao Chen smiled and explained, “The CEO didnt feel reassured in B City, thus he especially sent me here to take a look.”

As for the news of the CEO coming tomorrow, the CEO had reminded him several times to keep it a secret because tomorrow he would suddenly appear in front of Lu Man and give Lu Man a surprise.

So Xiao Chen did not dare to tell her that the CEO would come tomorrow.

Clear disappointment could be seen on Lu Mans face; after a few days of not seeing him, she really missed him.

They would have a video call every night and even though sometimes Han Zhuoli was really too busy, he would still video-call her even if it was just for a few minutes.

Yet without him in front of her in person, the feeling was not the same.

However, Lu Man also knew that today was just Friday and Han Zhuoli still needed to work.

Usually, even if it were the weekend, he needed to work, and quite often he did not even have enough time to rest.

Not to mention that he often needed to fly all over for business, thus for Han Zhuoli, there was no such thing as a day off.

“I told him before, Im doing quite well here, everyone is taking good care of me, so theres nothing to worry about.”

Xiao Chen smiled.

“But the CEO was still not assured.

Anyway, I ordered a nourishing hot pot, it will be sent over in a short while.

The CEO is treating everyone in the crew to a meal.”

Not long after, a famous nourishing hotpot restaurant in the small city sent people over to deliver the food.

Not just a single pot, they brought over six pots and not to mention the varieties of mushrooms, meat, fish, and vegetables, they arranged it grandly on a very long table.

Lu Man did not think that it would be so grand, and the restaurant employees endlessly kept on walking in one by one.

At that moment, Zhang Shuidong walked over, shocked, “Oh, who ordered this Spending so much”

Although the small city was quite remote, since the transport system was not much developed, all the things were costlier.

Especially since they were filming here, as long as they knew that they were sending it to the production group, the prices would be raised high.

This small citys most famous things were the prized mushrooms and herbs from the mountains, like Matsutake and Cordyceps Sinensis.

This famous nourishing hotpot restaurant added expensive herbs like Matsutake and Cordyceps Sinensis in the soup and thus was very famous in the small city as well as very expensive.

Although the small city was quite isolated, a lot of tourists would come here for fun, trying to find peace in their soul.

The restaurant especially catered to these tourists.

Although expensive, their food was truly delicious.

“The first time we came here, I went to eat there with Director Sun and Xiao Yu, the food is really excellent, but it is really expensive,” Zhang Shuidong said.

“Exactly, this is very fresh,” Sun Yiwu recalled, “Recently I havent had the time, when were less busy, we can go there again.”

Bai Shuangshuang walked over and smiled sweetly, asking with the intention of currying favor, “Is this ordered by Director Sun to treat us to a meal”

Sun Yiwu smiled and shook his head, “This was not ordered by me.”

Lu Man told Sun Yiwu, “Director Sun, this was ordered by my boyfriend, to treat everyone here to a meal, is it alright to eat now Will it delay the filming”

As soon as Sun Yiwu heard that it was called by Han Zhuoli, he naturally needed to give face to Han Zhuoli.


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