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Chapter 2918 Where Are You

Shi Xiaoya didnt question it and agreed readily.

Hence, Jiang Yujie went to Shi Xiaoyas office and took her luggage today.

“Thank you so much for letting me put my luggage here for such a long time,” Jiang Yujie said, embarrassed.

“Its nothing much, dont mention it,” Guo Yujie said with a smile.

Shi Xiaoya had declined all work and was with Han Zhuoling.

So only Guo Yujie and a few others were at the office.

Jiang Yujie thanked her again and left with her stuff.

She called for a taxi and headed to the airport.

The moment she stepped into the airport, a feeling arose within her, one that said she had to return home now.

She felt as if she wouldnt return anymore the moment she stepped in here.

Jiang Yujie stood by the airport entrance and turned around.

She couldnt see the whole B City from here.

She hadnt left B City for real and she already couldnt bear to depart, as if her family was already far from her.

She couldnt turn back anymore.

Jiang Yujie sighed, her eyes red-rimmed.

She was uncertain about her future, having no inkling of what to do.

And who knew what was waiting for her

Jiang Yujie sniffed, gritted her teeth, and turned resolutely.

Since she had already made her decision, she shouldnt feel regret or hesitate.

Just like when she chose to approach Lu Qiyuan.

She had set her mind to it; she shouldnt be leaving any way out.

Jiang Yujie used her ID to get her boarding pass, and after checking in, she went to the security check.

After that was over, there was still over 40 minutes before boarding.

The flight was at 12:30 PM.

Jiang Yujie could only wait patiently.

She fidgeted with the necklace on her collarbone.

This was probably Jiang Huaizhous last present to her.

She could take nothing else with her, but this necklace, she had to bring along.

Shed never take it off in her life.

The broadcasting system announced it was time to board the plane.

Jiang Yujie went to queue.

After boarding, she settled in her seat by the window.

Jiang Yujie looked at the time.

Fifteen more minutes before the flight.

She decided to videocall Mrs.


Jiang Yujie didnt dare to contact them after arriving in Dali.

She was afraid theyd zone in on her location using her location status.

She could only make use of the 15 minutes to briefly tell them.

After reaching Dali, she would change all her ways of contact.

After a long while, Mrs.

Jiang picked up.

“Mom, are you eating” Jiang Yujie asked.

“Thats right.” Mrs.

Jiang smiled and said, “With your dad and brother.”

Seeing Jiang Yujies strange background, Mrs.

Jiang asked, “Where are you”

“I…” Jiang Yujie opened her mouth but paused.

After a moment, she said with much difficulty, “Im going on a business trip for some time.

Actually, its not exactly a business trip.

The company sent me to work overseas for some time, and its going to be quite a long time.

Im not sure when I can return.

“So… Im already on the plane, about to depart,” Jiang Yujie said.

During the previous month, Jiang Yujie had left home early every day, secretly moving her luggage out.

Claiming she was looking for a job.

And then saying she found one.

So she went out every day without arousing her familys suspicion.

In the video, Mrs.

Jiang was shocked.

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