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Chapter 2919 Youre Not Lying to US, Are You

It took her quite a while before recovering.

“Young lady! This is such a big thing and you didnt tell us Youre already on a plane and going before telling us! You… this child!”


Jiang was beyond angry.

“Im sorry, Mom,” Jiang Yujie said.

“Do you even care about us! This is such a big issue and you didnt even discuss it with us!” Mrs.

Jiang fumed.

Jiang Yujie forced back her tears and choked on a sob before saying, “I didnt want to agree at first.

If I was the only child left in the family, I wouldnt go for sure, but isnt Brother already back I dont have to worry that thered be no one taking care of you, so I can work without worries.”

Jiang Yujie sniffed, saying, “I just want to get more experience while Im young and have more development opportunities.

And going overseas… earns a lot more.”

“Doesnt B City have more opportunities So many top talents from all around the country come to B City for development.

How much opportunity is that! And youre going the opposite way Do the other cities offer as many opportunites as B City”

“Mom, Ive already given my agreement to the company.

Theres no chance now to regret it,” Jiang Yujie said.

“Then why didnt you tell us earlier Why only now There wasnt even a hint before!” Mrs.

Jiang raged.

“Wasnt I afraid of you guys disagreeing” Jiang Yujie said.


Jiangs face then appeared behind Mrs.

Jiang in the video.

“But where are you going For how long” Mr.

Jiang asked.

Jiang Yujie was stuck momentarily before saying, “Im not sure how long, its up to the company.

As to where…”

“Dont tell me you dont even know where youre going Wheres your flight to” Mr.

Jiang questioned lowly.

Jiang Yujie quickly bluffed, “To G City!”

“Is it” Jiang Huaizhous voice rang out.

Jiang Yujie then saw Jiang Huaizhou appearing behind Mrs.

Jiang and beside Mr.


“Give me your companys number, Ill call them for details.

Since you arent willing to share, I can only ask your company.” “Brother!” Jiang Yujie quickly called out.

“Since when do family members call companies for information” “Then tell me the truth, where are you going Did you leave because of me” Jiang Huaizhou questioned.

“Never! Brother, dont think that way.

I… I naturally wish to stay in B City more and have the whole family together.

But Im grown now.

I have to plan for myself.

Isnt it good to gain experience and see the outside world when one is still young” Jiang Yujie said.


Jiang almost believed her words.

But not Jiang Huaizhou.

There were too many loopholes in Jiang Yujies words.

“Brother, the planes gonna take off soon.

The air stewardess is asking me to end the call,” Jiang Yujie said.

“Im hanging up.”

“Wait!” Mr.

Jiang called out.

“Youll contact us when you land, right Allay our worries.

Youre alone at a foreign place so far away, a young lady at that.

How can we be assured”

“Mmm,” Jiang Yujie agreed noncommitally.

“Will do.”

She didnt dare look at the three faces in the



Jiang frowned.

“Youre not lying to us, right Yujie, whats going on”

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