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Chapter 2928 I Dont Care


Jiang felt that it was probably because she was not thoughtful enough.

Looking at Jiang Huaizhou and Jiang Yujie, they were like siblings who were in love.

“Of course not!” said Jiang Huaizhou.

“I do feel guilty towards Yujie.

She did it all for me, so how can I not feel guilty If I dont feel anything at all, can I still be considered human I would be an ingrate!

“However, I wont lie to her by saying that I like her just because I feel guilty.

Thats not repaying the favor, thats hurting her.

“Lies that arise from guilt tarnish the relationship; its a hurtful thing,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

“No matter what my feelings are for her, I must find her.

“I must let her know that I know about everything she did for me.

In front of me, her worries are all unnecessary.

I wont look down on her or dislike her because of what she did for me, not to mention look at her with a strange gaze.

“To me, its all part of her experience.

Who wont have a past when dating Thats just a part of the experience.

I dont care, and she doesnt need to care either.

That experience wont be able to affect me nor her.”

“Think about it carefully again.” Mrs.

Jiang was calmer now.

“You want to find her, and I am glad that you dont mind her past.

But what about in the future Can you still not mind it

“All of Yujies worries arose because of you; shes worried that you would feel guilty and wont know how to face her.

While feeling guilty because of her sacrifices, you will dwell on her past.

“I can totally understand her feelings,” said Mrs.


“And although B City is not small, its not big either.

In the circle that we live in and socialize in, there will always be a place where we meet others.

“We will always meet people who know about Yujies past.

Her ex-colleagues and the people she has met during a party when she attended events with Lu Qiyuan.

And those neighbors in our old house.

They will gossip about Yujies past.

“It looks like B City is so big, but actually, when socializing outside, we will always meet people were familiar with, or people who are related to those were familiar with.” Mrs.

Jiang sighed.

“During that time, there will definitely be people wholl talk about Yujie.

At that time, can you still maintain your current attitude without changing Once people talk about Yujies past and criticize her secretly and you see that, can you still be unaffected

“Yujie is not afraid of anything else, but shes afraid of peoples words!” said Mrs.

Jiang seriously.

“You say that you dont care now, but when so many people are talking about it, can you still not care”

“I dont care,” said Jiang Huaizhou firmly.

“I am quite stubborn when it comes to certain things; you know that.

Once I accept something, I wont change my mind.”

“Even if you became succussful and have many achievements” asked Mrs.

Jiang further.

“Youre starting a business now.

Yujie believes in your skills, and I do too.”

“Lets not talk about what will happen if you dont succeed.

If theres an opportunity to succeed, you will definitely grab hold of it.

You wont be unaccomplished your whole life, right! Even if youre willing to live like this for Yujie, Yujie still wont accept you.

“And I believe that in such a short time, your career will bear fruit.”

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