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Chapter 2931 Youre Not Against Me…


Jiang looked at Mr.

Jiang, then asked Jiang Huaizhou, “Huaizhou, theres still one thing that we need to be clear on.”

Jiang Huaizhou listenend.


Jiang said, “If Yujie agrees and she returns, then the matter about you guys…

“You said today that you like Yujie, but you guys are still siblings under the same household register.

You…” Mrs.

Jiang shook her head.

“I am not like your dad, thinking that you guys are siblings and cant be together.

However, the relationship that you guys have now is that of siblings.

Even if youre stepsiblings, youre still siblings.” Jiang Huaizhou took a deep breath and exhaled.

“If Yujie doesnt like me, then I will continue to be siblings with her.

If she also likes me, I have a solution to make us not siblings anymore.”


Jiang also knew that they didnt know anything yet and it was useless saying anything more.

No matter what she said, they would be empty words.

“I believe in your capability,” said Mrs.


“Mom, youre not against me…” asked Jiang Huaizhou, surprised.


Jiang shook her head.

“I am also being selfish.

After all, Yujies past wont disappear.

Even if she gets into a relationship or even gets married in the future, this matter will be a bomb that will go off at an unknown time.

Once it explodes, how will her other half look at her The concerns that I have told you just now apply to other people too.

“Its fine if the two make things clear before they get together.

As long as the partner can accept it, then they can be together.

If he cant, then thats that.

Although its easy to say, this is tantamount to asking Yujie to open her old wounds.

And it would not be just once.

If that person doesnt accept it, then what about the next person She would have to reopen that wound.

What if he also doesnt accept it

“Yujie doesnt know how many times she will have to reopen her wound.

It will be unbearable to open it one time, not to mention doing it time and time again.

When will her wound heal completely then I am afraid that Yujie will give up, unwilling to interact with other people again and be involved in relationships.

She will spend her whole life alone.”

Jiang Huaizhou held his own hands tightly.

His eyes were bloodshot.

“Yujie is my daughter and I have to always be on her side.

In the future, when I am not here anymore, what will she do if shes all alone I hope that there will still be someone to accompany her and they can depend on each other.

“Since you already know about this, I dont want Yujie to reopen her wound.

If you like her and want to protect her and take care of her, not letting her get hurt, then I… I can accept anything “She has already suffered enough.

As long as she can lead a good life, what can I not accept” said Mrs.

Jiang, crying.

“Back then, when she was with Lu Qiyuan, we didnt understand her, and we even… even chased her out of the house, prohibiting her from returning and not recognizing her as our daughter.

“When the neighbors gossiped, we felt ashamed.

When she needed support the most, I was not by her side.” Mrs.

Jiang covered her face.

“This is something that I regret and cant get over.

“Your dad still cares about other peoples opinions.

He would disregard what happens to Yujie for the sake of others opinions, for his own feelings.

He just wants to get by.

But I cant do that.

I have already abandoned her once, I will never abandon her again.

“No matter what she chooses, as long as thats what she wants, I will support her.”

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