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In the past, if she had no more parts to film, she still had to wait for the production groups car to send her back, and if the rest of the people were almost done filming, she had to wait for them so that they all could leave together.

Unlike other actors, she did not have her own vanity van.

Today, since Xiao Chen had come, she would not need to wait.

After she finished filming for the day, she could leave with Xiao Chen.

Originally, Han Zhuoli did want to buy her a vanity van, but Lu Man felt unsure whether she would continue filming after she was done with this movie or go back to school.

If he bought it now, and she didnt use it anymore after she finished filming this movie, wouldnt it be a waste

Thus, she refused to let Han Zhuoli buy it.

After bidding goodbye to Sun Yiwu, Xiao Chen sent her back to the hotel.

Bai Shuangshuang smiled coldly.

“Didnt he say he wasnt her boyfriend Yet, he waited for her here and sent her back.”

“Exactly.” Her assistant Xiao Li quickly agreed, trying to curry favor.

“Lu Man is definitely scared of losing face and refuses to admit it.

But her boyfriend is really trying extremely hard.

Just for Lu Man, he probably spent quite a lot tonight, hes just a driver, how much can he earn in a month, it cant be that in just one night he spent his whole salary, right”

Bai Shuangshuang sneered, “This little driver is really dumb, once Lu Man establishes herself in the entertainment circle, would she still bother with him Just wait and see, once this guys money has all been used up by Lu Man and he no longer has any use, hell get kicked.”

“Older Sister Shuangshuang, look,” Xiao Li secretly took out her phone.

Bai Shuangshuang took a look and found that Xiao Li had secretly taken a photo of Lu Man and Xiao Chen standing together.

“If Lu Man becomes famous or if she breaks up with Xiao Chen, we can expose this photo and destroy her reputation.”

“Send it to me quickly!” Bai Shuangshuang excitedly said, “Xiao Li, youre so smart.

If I manage to use this picture, Ill give you a bonus.”

Xiao Li laughed dryly, feeling unhappy.

She would give her a bonus only if the photo could be used, otherwise, she would not give it, Bai Shuangshuang was too stingy!


After Lu Man and Xiao Chen returned to the hotel, Xiao Chen also got a room for himself at the reception.

She was really too tired today, so Lu Man quickly freshened up and went to sleep after returning to her room.

She was sleeping well, when suddenly she felt something heavy was pressing down on her, making it hard for her to breathe, and she could not even turn her body.

But she was in such a deep sleep that she could not even wake up; Lu Man was muzzy, wondering if it was a ghost!

She was still groggy when suddenly she broke out in a cold sweat.

Lu Man was just about to open her eyes when she felt two soft lips pressing onto hers.

This time, Lu Man was completely woken up, but even when she opened her eyes, she could not see clearly who it was.

The other party was pressed too close, and in the dark, she could only see a forehead.

Lu Man was so scared that she hurriedly pushed at him, raising her knee and wanting to kick away when she suddenly heard an anxious voice, “Its me, Man Man.”

As he spoke, warm air gushed onto the tip of her nose and her lips.

This voice was something she was familiar with and had been missing for many days and nights

Lu Man opened her eyes wide in disbelief, so shocked she was stuttering, “Big… Big Brother Han”

Lu Man pushed back Han Zhuolis shoulders, wanting to see him clearly.

Han Zhuoli moved backwards a bit, but the room was too dark, so Lu Man stretched out her hand to switch on the light at the head of the bed.

As the slightly yellow light shone on Han Zhuolis features, the light and the shadows merged, causing his features to seem even more deeply etched.

Lu Man did not dare to believe her own eyes, even upon opening her mouth, she was speechless for a long while.

“Its really you!”

Han Zhuoli laughed and broke into a devious smile upon seeing her confused and cute look, he could not help but raise his hand to pinch the tip of her nose lightly.

“You dont even recognize your boyfriend anymore, you should be punished.”

Lu Man cast her eyes down and smiled and just now the moment she saw his face, for some reason, she felt that she would break into tears.


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