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Chapter 2943 What Happened to Her Benevolence

But now, she suddenly realized that such things were not important anymore.

Being with Han Zhuoling and having him next to her was the most important thing.

She suddenly did not value work as much.

“I dont dare to obstruct my wifes future,” said Han Zhuoling, chuckling.

As he said that, he motioned with his finger, asking Shi Xiaoya to come closer.

Shi Xiaoya saw this and lowered her head, almost putting her whole face through the car window.

Then, right after, Han Zhuoling held the back of her head and pulled nearly half of her body through the car window.

At the same time, Han Zhuoling leaned over and kissed her lips.

Han Zhuoling released her, but as though he was not finished yet, he licked her lips.

Shi Xiaoyas face felt like it was on fire.

“Go on in,” said Han Zhuoling.

“Ill leave after seeing you enter.”

Shi Xiaoya also wanted to watch him leave.

Han Zhuoling said, “If you dont go in now and I take one more glance at you, I will want to take you away.”

Shi Xiaoya laughed and could only leave first.

But even so, she still kept turning her head.

Every time she turned her head, she could see Han Zhuoling looking at her.

Yan Zhiqing could not take it anymore and pulled Shi Xiaoya away.

“You two are crossing the line.

Although you guys are not old couples, you guys got married after dating for a pretty long time.

Youve been together for so long; you dont have to make it so hard to separate.”

“You dont understand.” Shi Xiaoya looked at Yan Zhiqing with the gaze she used to look at single people.

Yan Zhiqing felt that she was being showered by Shi Xiaoyas gaze with pity, which was telling her that she did not understand their reluctance as she was single.

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Shi Xiaoyas style had been ruined by Han Zhuoling!

What happened to her benevolence!

“How can you do this to me” Was treating a single person like this a good thing

Shi Xiaoya was embarrassed by Yan Zhiqings grievous accusation.

She felt that she had crossed the line by not thinking about the feelings of single people.

Embarrassed, Shi Xiaoya smiled.

“Then… then you should also find one.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Could she just find one at will

She was always busy shooting films.

How could she have time to find one

Besides, in the entertainment industry, those she met were troublesome.

She really did not want to find one within the industry.

As for depending on her familys connections to arrange a blind date, Yan Zhiqing did not really want that either.

Yan Beicheng, Chu Zhaoyang, and now, Han Zhuoli, all of them did not find someone through blind dates.

Han Zhuoli would have rather remained single his whole life while being hated by Old Mrs.

Han than to go on blind dates.

It was not that blind dates were bad, but Yan Zhiqing felt that she was more likely to discover the good in someone through spending time with that person slowly.

As opposed to relying on first impressions on a blind date, where people assess each others stats to decide whether or not to continue the relationship.

However, her kind of work did not allow her to meet her other half through normal socializing.

Yan Zhiqing also felt frustrated.

Shi Xiaoya pondered and asked, “You want to find one and youre not against dating, right”

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “Of course not.

Dating is such a good thing, so I am not against


“Actually, you dont need to just meet people from work.

Dont we know quite a few friends of our family too”

“But weve known them for very long.

If we really had feelings for each other, we would have gotten together already.

We wouldnt have waited until now.”

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