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Chapter 2944 Every Time Wei Wucai Was Mentioned, Yan Zhiqing Would Get Angry

Yan Zhiqing said, “Besides, honestly, I actually dont like people who are too ambitious and self-motivated.

“I am usually busy with work.

If that person is also busy, then we wont have many chances to be together.

No matter what kind of relationship it is, if the two are not together, they will drift apart.

“And its also related to my past experience.

As I have seen those who show their ugly side when fighting for power, all the more I dont like that type.

“Actually, I am not into fame and fortune just because I have this job.

Compared to my older brother and the others, people are actually more familiar with celebrities.

Celebrities are chased by people whenever they go out.

However, I actually like an ordinary life more.

“But because I like to perform, I entered this industry.

Since I chose the career that I like, I have to bear the influence that comes with this career, which I dont like.

For example, being watched by people, lacking privacy, rarely being able to enjoy a calm life, things like that.

“However, when it comes to relationships, I prefer an ordinary one.

My other half doesnt need to have high aspirations or huge accomplishments.

As long as we can live our simple lives together, then its good enough for me,” said Yan Zhiqing.

Shi Xiaoya did not expect that Yan Zhiqing wanted such an ordinary relationship even though she was in a complicated place like the entertainment industry.

“This is not easy,” said Shi Xiaoya.

Yan Zhiqing did not like blind dates.

Even if Shi Xiaoya met someone like this and introduced him to Yan Zhiqing, Yan Zhiqing would not be happy.

However, if Shi Xiaoya had to say it, she felt that Wei Wucai was not bad.

Besides, there were also sparks between Yan Zhiqing and him.

However, Shi Xiaoya did not dare to say this.

Thats because every time Wei Wucai was mentioned, Yan Zhiqing would get angry.

Shi Xiaoya truly wanted to mention this to Yan Zhiqing and make her think about why she was not so angry when its other people.

Her attitude regarding Wei Zhiqian was special.

What was the reason

However, Shi Xiaoya also did not dare to say this.

Because if she said it, Yan Zhiqing would be furious.

She was such a stubborn girl.

With Shi Xiaoya silently concerned for Yan Zhiqing, the two returned to their own rooms.

As the main actress, Yan Zhiqing received better treatment.

Her room, for instance, belonged to her alone.

Yan Zhiqings assistant also had a room.

However, that room was not as good as Yan Zhiqings.

If Shi Xiaoya were to use her identity as the Young Madam of the Han Family and not the makeup artist of the production crew, she would definitely receive the same treatment as Yan Zhiqing.

However, Shi Xiaoya did not want herself to get special treatment.

Yan Zhiqing was the main actress of this movie; her receiving treatment like this was because of work, so it was justifiable.

If she did this because of personal reasons, then it would be crossing the line.

According to the work ranking of the production crew, Shi Xiaoya could not enjoy the same treatment as Yan Zhiqing.

The employee who had arranged these accommodations wanted to give Shi Xiaoya special treatment, but the person herself had declined.

Shi Xiaoya felt that it was not suitable.

However, if she had to be treated like a normal employee, the production crew would feel sorry.

Not to mention the others, Wu Mosen was the first one who felt sorry.

In the end, though Shi Xiaoya stayed in the same room as Guo Yujie, it was in the same hotel as Yan Zhiqing.

As for other employees, they lived in another hotel.

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