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Chapter 2945 First Female Lead Actress

To this, Shi Xiaoya did not decline.

Since the production crew insisted, she did not decline anymore.

It was just right that she was staying in the same hotel as Yan Zhiqing so they could take care of each other.

The two went back to their own rooms and unpacked their luggage.

Guo Yujie sent her a WeChat message, saying that she was stuck in a traffic jam.

She would probably arrive in another half an hour, so Shi Xiaoya unpacked first.

After Yan Zhiqing returned to her room and unpacked her things, she took out the script to have a read.

The script she had received was only for a small portion.

The rest of the script was not given to her due to either confidential reasons or due to it still needing to be edited.

So the lines that Yan Zhiqing could memorize right now were only a small portion.

But even so, she had already revised the part she had received repeatedly.

Not only did she memorize her own lines, but she even memorize the lines of the other actors.

The character that Yan Zhiqing was playing this time was Yan Jiayin, who was the female lead.

In the beginning, she was only a pure female student who was patriotic and just.

However, as she had not seen true cruelty, she lived in an ivory tower, thinking that she had to contribute to this dilapidated country.

She thought that the citizens who had closed themselves off to live their simple days did not know about the danger that the country was in.

She thought those capitalists who were living the high life in international settlements only cared about earning money but did not stop to think about how they were going to survive if the country fell into ruins.

She thought that she had seen through all of this, and with great passion, she traveled the streets, making speeches and giving out flyers.

The Yan Jiayin back then was pure and clueless.

However, through coincidence, she met the dancer Ying Ying.

At first, she looked down on Ying Ying.

Then, Ying Ying used different means to let her experience the high life, causing Yan Jiayin to gradually sink into it.

On one hand, she could not accept the devastation outside, but this was like another world, with people living out such beautiful days.

On the other hand, she could not stop getting tempted by the life here.

The hardships outside were too tiring.

Whenever she could not bear it, she thought about escaping to this place and also about the days when she would not have to worry about being hungry.

Through Ying Ying, Yan Jiayin met Prince Chen and Second Master Li.

From them, she received completely different perspectives.

She found out that her old thoughts were too naive.

However, Yan Zhiqing felt that Yan Jiayin indeed knew that her old thoughts were too naive.

On the other hand, she was just giving herself an excuse to sink into this life.

Yan Zhiqing had not yet received the rest of the script and did not know in detail how it would develop.

She only knew the outline.

In the end, Yan Jiayin mixed with Prince Chen and Second Master Li, but she still had the final bottom line in her heart.

When she saw the true look of the outside world again at a critical time…

Yan Jiayin remembered her old self.

Once again, she returned to her passionate self.

However, she was more mature than her old self; she would not be so naive as to depend only on passion like how she did last time.

After Second Master Li passed away, Yan Jiayin became like him.

After Yan Zhiqing learned about this character, she had immediately registered for the audition.

No matter what, she had to get the role of Yan Jiayin.

This was because this character Yan Jiayin was very challenging.

From the start to the end, the changes in her personality and state gifted this character with an extremely complicated persona.

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