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Chapter 2947 Your Big Brother Is Too Pragmatic

And then he saw the performance of Yan Zhiqing during her audition.

He found that Yan Zhiqing was different from Lu Man.

She gave a different feeling

Lu Man was more suited to playing Yan Jiayin during the latter parts; Lu Mans eyes looked as though she had been through a lot.

On the other hand, Yan Zhiqing was more suited to playing the middle part, when the situation was not as complicated.

However, Wu Mosen had still witnessed Yan Zhiqings level of performance, which surprised him.

Then, he straight away decided on Yan Zhiqing.

While Yan Zhiqing was trying to figure out the character, she got Han Zhuofengs call.

Han Zhuofeng was an assistant director in the production crew and was mainly here to learn from Wu Mosen.

Yan Zhiqing also knew about this and felt that this production crew was… just like home.

Everyone was familiar.

If Yan Zhiqing felt that way, Shi Xiaoya felt that even more.

This movie had been invested in by her husbands family, so her husband had a say in the production.

Her brother-in-law was the assistant director, and the first female lead was a family friend.

Her working environment this time was beyond excellent.

There was family everywhere she went; she did not feel any stress at all.

“Big Sister Zhiqing.” The moment Yan Zhiqing picked up, Han Zhuofeng called her name.

“What is it” asked Yan Zhiqing.

“Almost every member of the main production crew is here and well officially start shooting tomorrow.

Director Wu says that we should have a meal together tonight to familiarize ourselves with each other,” said Han Zhuofeng.

The entertainment industry was actually not huge.

Whenever they attended events or acted in movies, they could always see the same people.

However, there were very few who had good relationships with each other; many disappeared after collaborating with each other.

In the end, they were still not close to each other.

Even worse, no matter how much time they spent together in a movie, some had never spoken more than a few sentences to each other.

Let alone have a good relationship, it was already good enough to not fall out with each other.

“Okay,” Yan Zhiqing agreed easily.

“Should I go down now”


I will wait for you guys in the hall,” said Han Zhuofeng.

Before Han Zhuofeng called Yan Zhiqing, he had already contacted Shi Xiaoya.

As expected, a while after Yan Zhiqing hung up, Shi Xiaoya knocked on the door.

Yan Zhiqing opened the door.

Guo Yujie was also there.

“Were going now” said Yan Zhiqing.

“When youre ready, well go,” said Shi Xiaoya, smiling.

“I am ready.

Let me take a bag,” said Yan Zhiqing.

She turned around and took a tiny bag, which had been placed on the table.

She carried it on her shoulder and followed Shi Xiaoya.

This suburb did not have any tourist attraction.

The studio was also newly built and was not open to the public.

So right now, there were not many tourists here.

e were

While the three were taking the elevator to the first floor, other than the production crew members, they did not see other people.

When they reached the first floor, they saw Han Zhuofeng waiting there.

After seeing the three of them, Han Zhuofeng waved.

“Big Sister Zhiqing, Sister-in-law.”

When Shi Xiaoya heard him say “Sister-in-law,” she felt a feeling of intimacy rise up

“Have you all tidied up” Han Zhuofeng asked them.

“Weve tidied up.

We even rested a while just now,” said Shi Xiaoya, smiling.

Actually, they did not feel tired as they did not run around today.

“I even got a call from my big brother asking me to take care of you,” Han Zhuofeng said to Shi Xiaoya.

Yan Zhiqing rolled her eyes.

“Your big brother is too pragmatic! He just asked me to take care of Xiaoya.

When telling you that, did it not cross his mind to ask you to take care of me too”

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