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Chapter 2953 His Right Fingers Moved Towards Yan Zhiqing Inch by Inch

Usually, there were also times when his words were harsh, but that was because the other person started it.

Since the other person was not being courteous, there was also no need for him to be courteous.

However, with Yan Zhiqing, he had crossed the line.

Wei Wucai walked to Yan Zhiqings side.

While Yan Zhiqing was not paying attention, Shi Xiaoya politely gave him space immediately and stood with Han Zhuofeng.

The two slowly moved back, trying their best to reduce their presence until they were in a corner.

“Sorry,” said Wei Wucai to Yan Zhiqing in a soft voice.

“I didnt watch my words and my joke crossed the line.”

Yan Zhiqing froze.

She did not think that Wei Wucai would take the initiative to apologize to her.

She thought that with Wei Wucais temper, not only would his words be harsh, but he would also not apologize even if he were to die.

Yan Zhiqing was the type to respect others based on how they respected her.

If they were not courteous to her, she would not be courteous either.

She would hate that person.

However, if the person apologized politely, not only would Yan Zhiqing think that she did not win, but she would also feel more embarrassed.

She would wonder whether she had made a big deal out of a small matter.

Right now, Yan Zhiqing felt a little remorseful.

Her reaction was perhaps too disproportionate.


She did not know why either.

Although she was not someone who could hold it in, she would not be furious just because of a small matter.

Wei Wucais apology made Yan Zhiqing feel uncomfortable.

“I… Im in the wrong too.

I made a big deal out of it.”

Wei Wucai could not help but smile.

In the past, Yan Zhiqing and Yan Beicheng were not close.

They even had misunderstandings between them, so they did not get along well.

During that time, the Mount Lan Compound had Yan Zhiqings information.

Back then, in Wei Wucais eyes, Yan Zhiqing was a stubborn and stupid person.

Even later on, when Yan Zhiqing and Yan Beicheng made up, Wei Wucais impression of Yan Zhiqing still did not improve.

In his mind, Yan Zhiqing was still that stubborn and arrogant girl.

However, when they interacted later on, he found out that it was not true.

Her temper was indeed not really good, but as long as nobody angered her, she would not bully others.

But Yan Zhiqings background had already decided that she was not an easy target to be bullied.

If anyone dared to bully her, she would promise that the last person crying would definitely not be her.

A temper like this was actually pretty cute.

She was clear about whom to love and whom to hate, extremely magnanimous, and not pretentious at all.

As Yan Zhiqing had weakened in an instant, her already sweet and beautiful face looked even softer now.

The corners of Wei Wucais mouth curved upwards subconsciously, and his hand was even itching to touch Yan Zhiqings furry head.

Now, as if his eyes had been dazzled, he suddenly thought that Yan Zhiqing looked like a doll.

Wei Wucais hand twitched.

His left hand was not able to hold his right hand back.

His right fingers moved towards Yan Zhiqing inch by inch.

And right now, Yan Zhiqing was feeling embarrassed.

Her head was lowered, so she did not see Wei Wucais hand, which was ready to stir up trouble.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng, the siblings-in-law, stood together and watched Wei Wucais hand closely while holding their breaths subconsciously.

Han Zhuofeng felt impatient due to Wei Wucais slow movement, and he whispered, “Hurry up, Brother! I dont usually see you dilly-dallying like this!”

Shi Xiaoya also silently cheered for Wei Wucai.

“Faster! Come on! If youre too slow, you wont be able to find a partner!”

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