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Who knew that the big hand on the back of her waist was like a stone, so heavy that she could not budge it a little.

Her movement actually had the opposite effect, pushing herself closer to him.

Instantly, she heard Han Zhuoli say with heavy breaths.

“Dont squirm, Im already having a hard time controlling myself.”

Lu Man: “…”

Since he was so uncomfortable, he should stop pulling her into his embrace!

Wasnt this creating more trouble for herself

Although she was scolding him in her heart, Lu Man did not dare to move again.

Then her two hands pushed at his chest, trying to create a distance between them, even if only by a millimeter.

But with her soft hands pressed on his chest, their softness made it even more difficult for him.

Furthermore, the warmth emanating from her palm and the slight wetness due to sweat made him aware that she was especially nervous right now.

The little girl who seduced him like a vixen the first time they met was actually nervous at this moment.

Han Zhuoli had a slight smile, and he dipped his head in the dark and upon finding the sharp tip of her nose, he gave it a kiss.

Then his lips traced the path from the tip of her nose to her slightly puckered lips.

In his mind, Han Zhuoli thought that Lu Mans lips were just perfect for kissing.

Her lips were neither too thick nor too thin, they were very soft and juicy, suitable for him to suck on.

Han Zhuolis scent now lingered all over Lu Mans lips, making it difficult for Lu Man to fall asleep completely.

Every inch of her body touched by Han Zhuolis hands was on fire.

Lu Man stiffened uncomfortably and held her breath, not daring to even take a single breath.

She instinctively sucked in her stomach and nervously trembled.

The hands that were pressing on his chest, had unknowingly clenched into fists and trembled as he grabbed onto his shirt.

Han Zhuolis mouth was dry, and he felt very hot.

His arms suddenly tightened, and he kissed Lu Mans lips, flipping them around to push her down.

His lips were astonishingly warm, and they traced the path down from her lips.

Until her stomach, just when it seemed like he was going to cross the line, he suddenly stopped.

She could feel his hot breath on her stomach when suddenly she heard Han Zhouli take a deep breath, and then lay back down his tense body, pulling Lu Man into his embrace, “Sleep.”

Lu Man did not think that even at this juncture Han Zhouli could somehow stop himself.

She could not exactly tell what she was feeling, but warmth engulfed her heart as he felt touched.

Her heart was burning up because of this mans actions and her heartbeat did not return to normal for a long time.

She did not dare to provoke Han Zhuoli at this moment and did not even dare to move.

She closed her eyes obediently, but it could still be seen from her eyelids that her eyeballs were continuously moving and her eyelashes were trembling a lot.


As usual, the alarm on her phone rang and Lu Man got up habitually, but she realized that she could not move, her hands and legs were like they had been tied in place.

Opening her eyes, she saw the Han Zhuoli who was in front of her.

This was her first time seeing Han Zhuoli as soon as she opened her eyes in the morning.

Her first time seeing Han Zhuolis sleeping figure.

Only then did Lu Man remember, Han Zhuoli had indeed come over late at night.

It was not a dream, Han Zhuoli was really next to her.

Her hands and legs were completely encircled by his arms and legs and she could not move at all.

Lu Man could not help but smile sweetly but since her alarm kept ringing, she instantly returned to her senses, wanting to switch off the alarm, scared that it would wake Han Zhuoli up.

It was just that Han Zhuoli was sleeping on the outside, and the phone was placed at the side table and Han Zhuoli just happened to be in the middle of her and her phone.

Lu Man could only carefully pull out her hand from his arm and stretch it over to take the phone, but who knew that her waist would be suddenly grabbed tightly by Han Zhuoli.

He abruptly pressed her down, and Lu Mans lay on top of Han Zhuoli.


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