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Chapter 2959 How Jealous

Then, Lu Xiuse came asking about him, so Luo Qingxian became alert and didnt tell Lu Xiuse the truth.

She had criticized Wei Wucai to the best of her ability.

Recalling how Wei Wucai had ignored her and appeared completely uninterested in her made her even angrier.

Hence, she further bashed him.

It made Lu Xiuse misunderstand completely.

With this prior impression, and hearing Shi Xiaoyas vague introduction, she followed Shi Xiaoyas lead and thought Wei Wucai was just a normal employee making special effects.

Hence, her gaze withdrew from Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai was handsome.

But handsome faces were rampant in the entertainment industry.

Her backer was a middle-aged man lacking somewhat in the looks department.

She simply had to close her eyes and bear with

When she was filming outside, shed satisfy herself with the male actors in the same production.

She considered that a consolation for staying beside a backer who was burning her eyes.

Hence, Lu Xiuse had met many attractive people and wasnt very affected by Wei Wucais face.

But seeing Yan Zhiqing with Wei Wucai made her think that as the Yan Familys young lady, Yan Zhiqing already had it all and was pursuing true love.

Wei Wucais abilities didnt matter.

But Lu Xiuse had always been against Yan Zhiqing, and she couldnt bear seeing her have things go her way every time.

To be able to like someone without caring about anything else, just liking him for the sake of it.

How simple and direct.

How they make others jealous!

She recalled how Luo Qingxian had seemed reluctant to let go of Wei Wucai.

Hearing her words, it seemed as though Wei Wucai was rather plain, like it wasnt up to him to reject her.

When it comes to rejection, it should have been Luo Qingxian who rejected Wei Wucai.

Who was Wei Wucai to ignore her first

Even if it was just to show attitude, it should have been Luo Qingxian that did it.

Hence, Luo Qingxian wanted to defeat him once.

Otherwise, others would say she was rejected by Wei Wucai.

How embarrassing was that

Thus, Luo Qingxian was unable to get Wei Wucai out of her mind.

Because of this, Lu Xiuse did not suspect Wei Wucai of having other unique abilities.

Knowing Luo Qingxians mentality, she had a plan.

She pushed it down, her face betraying nothing

Lu Xiuse said, “Should we go meet Director Wu first”

Yan Zhiqing snarked internally about how Lu Xiuse was really impatient.

Even if she wanted to curry favor with Wu Mosen, was simply ignoring the rest of her filming crew without a greeting a good thing

If the crew from Lu Xiuses film heard about it, would they feel good about that

Things would be even more interesting if Lu Xiuses director was there too.

Thinking about this, Yan Zhiqing secretly texted her assistant Fang Qiaohan.

“Is the paparazzi here today”

A reply soon came.


Its Director Wus movie, so its popular, and the actors involved are all famous.

Theres naturally a few teams of paparazzi following us.”

Yan Zhiqing had never had any scandals, so Fang Qiaohan and her manager Mou Danqiong never feared the paparrazzi stalking Yan Zhiqing and exposing any bad news.

And so, they never specifically told Yan Zhiqing about paparazzi following her on a given day.

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