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Chapter 2961 Carried to the Wall by Wei Wucai

She received Yan Zhiqings message.

It had no mention of the problem between Yan Zhiqing and Lu Xiuse.

But even if Yan Zhiqing did not provide a reason, Lu Man would still help her.

She knew that Yan Zhiqing was not a person who would simply bully and plot against someone.

Lu Man did not dare to delay any further and immediately contacted Da Xiong.

Da Xiong was chatting with Fang Qiaohan.

He knew that she was Yan Zhiqings assistant, and he also remembered the matter about Lu Xiuse last time, which Lu Man had helped to deal with.

He guessed that Lu Mans relationship with Yan Zhiqing must be good, so he was polite to Fang Qiaohan.

When he got Lu Mans call, he did not delay and answered immediately.

“Okay, this is not a big deal.

Leave it to me.”

Then, Lu Man replied to Yan Zhiqing.

Lu Xiuse only saw that Yan Zhiqing was chatting with someone on WeChat the whole way.

She did not know that Yan Zhiqing was plotting against her in front of her.

Yan Zhiqing did not even raise her head.

All her attention was on the phone.

She did not even see the waiter that was pushing a food cart towards her.

On the food cart were many plates, and on the plates were leftovers.

Those were leftovers from the customers orders.

Yan Zhiqings attention was on the phone and she did not see it.

She walked straight ahead.

Lu Xiuse saw it, but she did not want to warn Yan Zhiqing.

She wanted Yan Zhiqing to fall and be embarrassed.

She saw that Yan Zhiqing did not look like she had seen it.

Yan Zhiqing was focusing on chatting with Lu Man.

Suddenly, a soft warning sounded by her ear.

“Be careful.” Yan Zhiqing froze, and just as she raised her head, she was pulled aside by someone.

Before Yan Zhiqing could react, she was already pulled into Wei Wucais arms.

She was backed onto the wall by Wei Wucai.

As someone from the Mount Lan Compound, Wei Wucai was agile.

The series of movements were done in a flash.

Otherwise, Yan Zhiqing would have been able to react.

But while her mind was still blank, she had already been brought to the wall by Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing looked shocked as she blinked rapidly.

After a while, she was finally able to react.

Then, she heard Wei Wucais reprimanding voice.

“Since when were you in the habit of chatting while walking” Yan Zhiqing lowered her head.

It was indeed her fault, so she lowered her head honestly.

Wei Wucai strangely felt that Yan Zhiqing was adorable this way.

She looked powerful usually, but when she was wrong, she would admit it.

This trait of admitting her wrongs was excellent.

However, although Yan Zhiqings attitude was good, it did not mean that Wei Wucai would let Yan Zhiqing off the hook that easily.

Yan Zhiqing heard Wei Wucai say sternly, “The corridor is so narrow, and its cramped due to people walking here and there.

Forget about running into a waiter, thats negligible.

If you run into a drunk person, wont you get into a lot of trouble

“Its fine if you bumped into those who have a good drinking character.

If its someone who doesnt, they will go crazy in their drunken state and trouble you.

Or what if you meet those who become horny when theyre drunk

“Not to mention, youre a public figure.

Many people are curious about celebrities.

If they do something out of line or impolite, or if they take advantage of you after seeing you, what would you do”

Yan Zhiqing was a gorgeous and vulnerable woman.

Thankfully, there were many people around her today.

Given her unguarded personality, if she was alone, would she not suffer

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