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As if that was not enough, somehow her chest just happened to press onto his face.

And Han Zhouli quickly seized this opportunity, burying his face deeper into her chest.

The blood rushed to Lu Mans face, and she pressed her two hands on the bed, wanting to get up.

But she just could not go against the strength Han Zhuoli used to hug her.

Not long after, her chest was already burning hot, before he finally let her go.

Reaching out his long hands reached out, he took her phone.

He then switched off the alarm and looked at the time, it was just 5.30 in the morning.

Han Zhuoli frowned.

“You wake up so early”

“Yes.” Having finally got her freedom, Lu Man quickly sat up, but she was still uncomfortable, feeling very hot.

Her chest still seemed ablaze with his warmth.

“Filming is just like that, even if I dont have any scenes in the morning, I still need to report early, do my makeup and hair and then wait there.

But I need to be prepared all the time because it might be my turn anytime as every scenes timing and order is not fixed.

It would change with a lot of different uncontrollable factors like the temperature or the surroundings,” Lu man explained.

“Thats too tiring.” Although Han Zhuoli could be considered to be working in this line, he was at the top level and had never ever gone to a filming and thus naturally did not know the details of filming.

Furthermore, he couldnt care less about how tough these celebrities had it.

“After you finish shooting this movie, dont film anymore in the future.” Han Zhuolis heart aches terribly for Lu Man.

With Lu Mans ability, she did not need to join any production crew and become an actress.

“Actually, filming is quite interesting, I feel that I like it quite a lot.” Lu Man smiled.

“Its very challenging, in the past, I could not choose what I wanted to do freely, but I dont have as much stress now, and I also want to find something I like to do and do it.

I quite like filming.”

Seeing that Lu Man really had an interest in filming, Han Zhuoli could only nod.

“Alright, then pick carefully next time, if it isnt a big production by a famous director, we wont go.”

Lu Man thought in her heart, she was just a newcomer, it was only with Han Zhuoli present that she could be so picky.

Even though Han Zhuoli knew about the disgusting things and scandals in the entertainment circle very well, he did not stop Lu Man.

With him there, Lu Man would not get her hands dirty by those things and would never need to be like those female celebrities who come up with all sorts of shady methods just to be cast in a film and gain popularity.

However, not every celebrity in the entertainment circle lacked morals or boundaries.

There were still quite a few talented actors who were also low-key, not taking part in shady deals.

“If you want to be an actress, have you ever thought about learning professionally how to perform once shooting for this movie ends” Han Zhuoli asked.

Lu Man had gotten up from the bed and was taking out clothes from her wardrobe.

When she heard that, she turned around.

“Do I need to relearn everything and take part in the College entrance examination again”

“Theres no need.” Han Zhuoli smiled and got off the bed.

“You have just taken a break from school so if you want to go back then Ill help you deal with the transfer and you wont need to take the College entrance examination again.

Your exam results from before can still be used, and especially for art schools, its not necessary.

After all, you already have Director Sun Yiwus movie in your portfolio, itll help with your reputation.”

Furthermore, with Han Zhoulis backing, even without those additional things, the art schools would even open the back door for Lu Man.

The Han Corporation would visit art schools every year to recruit students and also fund the school, it was not a small sum of money and was not wasted.

“Earlier, I wasnt sure about what to do after this movie be it returning to the Public Relations Department or going back to school to continue my education.” Lu Man looked toward Han Zhuoli, smiling and her eyes shining with anticipation.

“Ive thought about it already, I want to learn how to perform.”


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