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Chapter 2969 Know How to Converse

He felt that there was something fishy going on between these two.

Wu Mosen kept smiling.

As they were eating with everyone, Yan Zhiqing was also self-aware and did not keep chatting with Wei Wucai on WeChat.

It was fine as long as she knew that he did not think of her badly.

But the two had become a lot closer subconsciously.

As Lu Xiuse had left, the seat on the other side of Yan Zhiqing was empty.

On one side was Wei Wucai, and it was empty on the other side.

This was very awkward.

Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai suddenly went silent.

The two did not know what they could talk about.

The atmosphere between them became awkward.

Wei Wucai was used to doing what he wanted.

When he was feeling too lazy to socialize, he would just ignore people.

After a long time of doing that, he became terrible at livening up the mood and initiating a conversation.

So even if he was feeling impatient and wanted to initiate a conversation with Yan Zhiqing, he could not think of a suitable topic to talk about.

Wei Wucai felt regretful right now.

If he had trained his personality to be more cheerful, it would have been a good thing.

At least it would not be awkward now.

Yan Zhiqing was also afraid of this awkwardness.

So she thought about what to talk about with Wei Wucai.

The table was full, and everyone was talking enthusiastically.

However, Wei Wucai had never talked a lot.

And if the two did not talk even though they sat together, it would be too weird.

Yan Zhiqing thought for a while and said to Wei Wucai, “I didnt know that Ledepic More is your company.”

As someone in the industry, Yan Zhiqing was naturally familiar with this special effects company.

She was not like most of the audience, who had not heard of it before.

And because she knew, she had heard a lot about them.

“I didnt say anything specifically,” said Wei Wucai.

“So its not just you.

A lot of people dont know either.”

If he had not joined this production crew, even Wu Mosen and Han Zhuofeng would not have known.

When Han Zhuofeng found out that he was Ledepic Mores boss, he was also dumbfounded.

“Its not something that is worth bragging about,” said Wei Wucai.

“And I hate to socialize.

You know Ledepic More.

Although we are in charge of movie special effects, were in touch with a lot of people.

We have relationships with most directors, so people would definitely target me if they knew.”

They would ask him for connections and so on.

“I dont like such things, so I dont talk about this to the public.” Wei Wucai smiled.

“It did get rid of a lot of troubles.”

Unsure of why, upon hearing what Wei Wucai said, the first person Yan Zhiqing thought of was Luo Qingxian.

She did not know what Luo Qingxian would do if she found out that Wei Wucai had this job.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“After weve been talking for so long, you thought of this person” Wei Wucai had a sullen face and his eyes twitched.

He was so speechless that he wanted to open up Yan Zhiqings beautiful head and see what she was thinking inside her head.

She had been talking nicely with him, and suddenly she talked about another woman.

And that woman was his previous blind date.

This was not beautiful at all.

Did this woman know how to converse

When Yan Zhiqing heard what Wei Wucai said, she realized that she had subconsciously said aloud what she was thinking.

Yan Zhiqing was shocked.

She had never done this.

After all, she had to socialize with many people in the entertainment industry.

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