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Chapter 2972 Actually, Weve Only Met a Few Times

Wei Wucai nodded, but he did not want others to misunderstand, so he said, “But my family is not considered to be in the direct line of descent.”

Every one of the eight great families was huge.

When the Han Family dealt with the Xia family, for instance.

There were people from the Han Family in every corner of the city.

After generations and generations, they were already not under the Han Familys direct line of descent.

They were everywhere, waiting for the Han Familys command.

The other families were also the same.

However, Wei Wucais family was actually not very distant from Wei Zhiqians.

Wei Wucai and Wei Zhiqian also had a good relationship; they were cousins.

Wu Mosen did not expect that Wei Wucais family background was also extraordinary.

That meant he and Yan Zhiqing were really a match made in heaven.

Unexpectedly, just when Wei Wucai finished speaking, Yan Zhiqing added immediately, “Actually, weve only met a few times.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Wu Mosen was speechless.

This little girls EQ was the reason she was single.

Wei Wucais smile was making people nervous.

Did Yan Zhiqings attitude mean that she wanted to draw a clear line between them

However, Wei Wucai was wrongfully suspecting Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing really did not think much of it.

She only felt that she was really not very close with Wei Wucai and was simply explaining this.

This was to prevent others from misunderstanding that they were very close.

Actually, she did not mean to draw a clear line between Wei Wucai and herself.

Ever since Lu Mans wedding, where Shi Xiaoya had met Yan Zhiqing, Shi Xiaoya had been interacting more with her, so she knew Yan Zhiqing quite well.

Right now, she knew that Yan Zhiqings intention was simple and straightforward.

It was not as complicated as what Wei Wucai thought.

However, the more she was like that, the more Shi Xiaoya could not help but do a facepalm.

It was no wonder that such a beautiful girl like Yan Zhiqing was still single.

This EQ of hers was really pulling at peoples heartstrings.

Yan Zhiqings words made Wu Mosen uncertain of how to reply.

His mouth twitched and he chuckled dryly.

“I see that both of you are having a pretty good conversation.

Young people will get close after talking for a while, even if theyre not close before.


Gao Zishan pursed her lips, holding in her laughter.

She had also collaborated with Yan Zhiqing before and had always met her during various events.

Although she did not know Yan Zhiqing the way Shi Xiaoya did, she knew her personality, more or less.

Seeing that Wu Mosen was feeling awkward, Gao Zishan took on the task of starting a conversation.

She had also been watching the interactions between Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai and felt that it was interesting, so she smiled and asked, “I have also heard about the famous Ledepic More.

I just never got in touch.

I didnt think that the boss is such a young talent.”

“Youre flattering me.” Wei Wucai smiled faintly.

Gao Zishan was a lot older than him.

In the countrys acting industry, she was at the top.

So Wei Wucai was very polite to Gao Zishan.

“Looking at your age, you must have started this company not long after you graduated from university, right” asked Gao Zishan.

Wei Wucai nodded, obviously not talking about the Mount Lan Compound.

“This is just my side business.

Once my financial power allowed me to do so, I started this company, found some young people who had the same goal, and diligently built up this company with them.”

“But what does the name Ledepic More mean If I hadnt heard it said before, I wouldnt even have known how to pronounce it,” asked Gao Zishan.

Wei Wucai explained patiently, “Ledepic More is formed by taking two words apart and rejoining them together.

‘Led is a contraction of the wordlegend whileepic meansgreat. So its legendary and epic, along withmore.”

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