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Chapter 2993 I Think You Look Good Either Way

He had almost extended his hand all the way.

Wei Wucai was about to touch her head when he put his hands behind his back and held them tightly.

If he touched her, in Yan Zhiqings current state, she would probably really kick him.

“You didnt put on makeup today” Wei Wucai had found a topic to talk about.

But he was unlucky.

This was the topic that Yan Zhiqing had been avoiding.

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

She thought that other than heavy makeup, straight men did not know whether girls wore makeup or not.

How did Wei Wucai see through it with a glance

He found out anyway, so Yan Zhiqing decided to stop hiding it.

She felt more comfortable after throwing away that burden.

“Arent I going for a shoot I have to do my makeup according to the character of the movie anyway, so Im just going without makeup straight away and waiting for my makeup to be done,” explained Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing still felt a little uneasy, so she raised her chin proudly.

“You… you saw through it”

Yan Zhiqing could not help but mumble, “Dont straight men see no makeup as light makeup”

Could Wei Wucai still be considered a straight man

When Yan Zhiqing thought about this, she suddenly froze.

Wait, who said he was straight

Yan Zhiqing looked at Wei Wucais beautiful face.

All of a sudden, she could not speak.

She was careless!

Just because his words were harsh, Yan Zhiqing had subconsciously put him under the category of straight men.

She totally forgot that Wei Wucai could be gay!

If not, why was his combat power stronger than a womans whenever he decided to be harsh with words

She just did not know whether he was a top or a bottom.


When Yan Zhiqing thought about this, she suddenly did not feel embarrassed anymore.

She even started to size up Wei Wucai.

When Wei Wucai saw Yan Zhiqings strange gaze, his mouth twitched.

However, no matter how powerful Wei Wucai was, he did not know how to read minds.

Even under Yan Zhiqings strange gaze, he did not think that Yan Zhiqing had put him in the gay category.

This was too perverted; even Wei Wucai could not think of it!

“How can I not see it” Wei Wucai felt that one had to have really bad eyes to not be able to see it.

Under Yan Zhiqings strange gaze, Wei Wucai was still ignorant, and he said, “But you still look good this way.”

Yan Zhiqing blinked and thought of a question.

In a straight mans eyes, no makeup was the same as light makeup.

If they said that they liked your look without makeup, actually, they liked you with light makeup

If it was really without makeup, they might not feel that it looked good.

And they could definitely not accept heavy makeup.


However, Yan Zhiqing had now placed Wei Wucai under the gay category.

Although she had not confirmed it, Yan Zhiqing was 60 to 70 percent sure.

So Yan Zhiqing asked him, “So do you feel that I look good without makeup like this, or do I look good with makeup”

Wei Wucai stopped and looked closely and seriously at Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing did not expect him to take this question with so much seriousness.

She was feeling shy from being looked at.



Then she thought that he was a suspected gay, so she did not need to be shy!

However, Wei Wucai did not look for too long.

He stopped looking and said seriously, “I think you look good either way.”

Wei Wucai touched his nose and gave himself a like in his heart.

People always said that his words were harsh and he was destined to be alone his whole life.

The words he said could anger a girl so much that she would not want to bother with him anymore.

So he wanted to avoid angering Yan Zhiqing, although he had already done so many times.

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