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Chapter 2999 Do You Have Eye Drops

“Young Master Lings intention is for you to learn here.

Since youre fighting for your own career, then you have to be able to endure hardships.

Hes already thinking of you by arranging you to learn here.

As for the rest, he wont care; it all depends on yourself.

If you want to eat anything good, you will have to order it yourself.”

Han Zhuofeng wiped his face and said to Tong Chunian, “Take out your phone.”

Startled, Tong Chunian asked, “What do you want to do”

“Help me record a video.

I have something I want to tell my older brother.

I wont ask you to pass the message.

I will just tell him myself,” said Han Zhuofeng.

“Use your phone to record it and show my older brother when you go back.”

Tong Chunian was out of words.

Hehe, Young Master Feng had a good imagination.

Since he would not be using his phone to order delivery and spend his money, Tong Chunian did not worry.

So he was actually guarding against this.

Tong Chunian took out his phone and turned on the camera.

“Okay, Young Master Feng, start talking.”

Han Zhuofeng blinked at the camera and was not able to squeeze any tears out.

Han Zhuofeng asked him, “Do you have eye drops”

“…” Tong Chunians eyes twitched and he said, “Dont ask for too much.

Just record it quickly.

I have to rush back to report on my task.”

Han Zhuofeng just had to make do.

Although he could not cry, he still showed a mournful expression as he faced Tong Chunians phone.

“Brother, youre such a heartless older brother.

How can you not care about me after getting a wife!” Han Zhuofeng denounced, full of sorrow, “You asked me to take care of Sister-in-law while were with the production crew, but you dont even think of me when you send Sister-in-law good food.”

Han Zhuofeng said sadly, “Youre having your cake and eating it too!”

Tong Chunian was out of words.

Han Zhuofeng did not understand the impact of his words on Tong Chunian.

Tong Chunian was dumbfounded.

Han Zhuofeng told him thoughtfully, “Im done recording.

I dont have anything else to


Tong Chunian put away his phone.

He thought secretly in his heart, the part when Han Zhuofeng asked for eye drops as he could not cry was also recorded.

As Han Zhuolings good assistant, Tong Chunian felt that this part did not need to be cut out.

He would show Han Zhuoling the original version.

Han Zhuofeng did not know that he would have a sad ending.

After denouncing his older brothers heartlessness, he went to look for Wei Wucai happily.

At Wei Wucais side, they were also not used to eating the lunch boxes of the production crew, so their company also ordered their own delivery.

Of course, this was all paid for from Wei Wucais pocket.

The company employees came here to handle the special effects.

During the time they were with the production crew, they were considered to be on a business trip.

The accommodation was handled by the production crew.

The meals were also handled by the production crew.

However, as they did not like to eat the meals and Wei Wucai always gave his employees good benefits, he would not make them suffer from this kind of small matter.

So when they ordered their separate lunch, Wei Wucai handled it.

Han Zhuofeng heard that Wei Wucai had asked someone to order delivery just now, so he was shamelessly planning to get food from Wei Wucai.

When Wei Wucai saw him, he waved at Han Zhuofeng.

“You came at the right time.

I also ordered lunch for you.”

Han Zhuofeng ran over, full of surprise and joy.

“Brother Xiao Cai, you even thought of


Han Zhuofeng hugged Wei Wucais arm.

“I am so touched.

Youre not like my older brother at all.

He only thinks of my sister-in-law.

He was already buying for my sister-in-law, so why couldnt he just buy one for me as well”

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