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Chapter 3000 Test Him

Han Zhuofeng did not know that if Han Zhuoling was here, he would have told him that only in this manner could the difference between Shi Xiaoya and him be seen.

It showed how special Shi Xiaoya was.

He had to take every opportunity at every moment to let Shi Xiaoya feel that in his heart, she was an existence that was even more important than his younger brother Han Zhuofeng.

Wei Wucais mouth twitched.

Seeing that Han Zhuofeng was not planning to let go of his arm, he said immediately, “Let go.

How does it look when two men are hugging like this!”

It was such bad timing.

While Han Zhuofeng was hugging Wei Wucai, Yan Zhiqing saw them!

Yan Zhiqing had dragged Shi Xiaoya into her car to eat.

There was a dining table in the car, and it was much more comfortable there than outside.

Shi Xiaoya was tidying up the lunch that Han Zhuoling had asked someone to send while Yan Zhiging was looking out of the car window, bored.

Thus, she saw the scene of Han Zhuofeng and Wei Wucai hugging each other.

Yan Zhiqing jumped and immediately pulled on Shi Xiaoyas arm.


Yan Zhiqing had called in such a miserable manner that Shi Xiaoya was so shocked, and she immediately stopped doing the work at hand.

“What is it” asked Shi Xiaoya, full of surprise.

“Look! Look!” Yan Zhiqing pulled Shi Xiaoya to her side and pointed in a direction.

“Look at those two men.

Why would they hug like that in a normal situation”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

Yan Zhiqing looked at her with great difficulty.

“What… What is it” Shi Xiaoya was getting goosebumps from Yan Zhiqings stare.

“Did Han Zhuofeng ever have a girlfriend” asked Yan Zhiqing with a difficult expression.

“…” Shi Xiaoya thought for a while and said, “I really dont know whether he has had a girlfriend before.

I wasnt with Zhuoling back then.

However, after I got together with Zhuoling, Zhuofeng… has not had a girlfriend.”

Shi Xiaoya did not suspect Han Zhuofengs orientation because of this.

However, under Yan Zhiqings gaze, she was pressured and also broke into a sweat for Han Zhuofeng.

“Then you have to watch out for him,” said Yan Zhiqing sincerely.

“Its not a problem to have a different orientation; after all, this is not something that he can control, right Liking someone of the same gender or different gender, theyre all the same.

Its both love.”

Shi Xiaoya did not know how to reply.

She could only nod her head with a blank face.

“However, it wont be that easy for the elders at home to accept this.” Yan Zhiqing touched her chin as she started worrying for Han Zhuofeng.

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

“Do you want to ask him indirectly Ask him not to panic.

Even if hes exposed, he doesnt need to worry; we support him.

“Am I right” Yan Zhiqing remembered that Han Zhuofeng was from the Han Family, so she had to ask for Shi Xiaoyas opinion.

“Its true,” said Shi Xiaoya, frustrated, going with the flow of Yan Zhiqings words.

However, she felt that as Han Zhuofengs sister-in-law, she should take a stand for Han Zhuofengs orientation.

It was not that she did not accept homosexual people.

It was because Han Zhuofeng liked the opposite gender.

She could not make others misunderstand, right

Although Han Zhuofeng was indeed single now, Shi Xiaoya did not suspect his orientation.

“But I think that Zhuofeng still likes girls.” Shi Xiaoya struggled for Han Zhuofeng.

“Its okay.

Well be with this crew for so long.

Lets test him,” said Yan Zhiqing.

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