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Xiao Cai sounded too girlish.

But if people were to call him Wucai…

It sounded similar to the term for no honor.

It was too dishonorable.

Wei Wucai was really troubled about this.

Wei Wucai did not want to face this reality, so when Yan Zhiqing tried to confirm it again, Wei Wucai only repeated, “Up to you.”

“Fine.” Yan Zhiqing nodded.

“Since youre not against it, then I will call you that.

Wei Wucai gave her a glance, saying, “So why not do it”

Yan Zhiqing had said it earlier so easily.

However, when she was asked to do it, she could not.

It seemed like she was having a hard time doing it.

Wei Wucai raised his eyebrows at her.

“Say it.”

Yan Zhiqing felt that Wei Wucai was challengmg her.

She could not bear that.

Yan Zhiqing raised her head, stuck her chest out, and built up the courage.

“Xiao Cai.”

Yuan Jiangyi and the rest all called him that way.

Even Wen Ren would also call him that on purpose.

It was the same way others addressed him, and it even had the same joking tone.

However, it felt completely different coming out of Yan Zhiqings mouth.

It was as if she gave the nickname “Xiao Cai” a brand new meaning.

It was the same nickname, but it could sound different from when others said it.

It only belonged to Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucais mouth curved upwards subconsciously.

“From now on, call me that.

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

The two chatted while they were on the way, and before they knew it, they had reached the restaurant.

Yan Zhiqing, Wei Wucai, Guo Yujie, and Fang Qiaohan got out of the car.

The chauffeur went to find a place to park.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng had not arrived.

Yan Zhiqing and the others went to wait in the private room.

Yan Zhiqing ordered some dishes so they would not have to wait further when Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng arrived.

She ordered some, guessing Shi Xiaoyas taste.

They planned to ask Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng what else they wanted to eat and add them on when they arrived.

Anyway, this restaurant was not huge, so there were only so many dishes.

After Yan Zhiqing finished ordering, there were only a few dishes left that were unordered.

A while after they finished ordering, Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng arrived.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng entered and took a look around.

Guo Yujie and Fang Qiaohan were sitting together.

On the other side of Fang Qiaohan was Yan Zhiqing, and next to Yan Zhiqing was Wei Wucai.

This put Shi Xiaoya in a difficult position.

If she sat next to Wei Wucai, she would not know what to talk to him about.

If she talked to Yan Zhiqing, it would be a little inconvenient with Wei Wucai in between.

But if Wei Wucai and Han Zhuofeng sat together.


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