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At this moment, Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “I saw that you were working with Wei Wucai the whole time today.”

“Cough!” Wei Wucai coughed and stared at Yan Zhiqing.

” ” Yan Zhiqing chuckled dryly.


I forgot that were pretty close too, so its more suitable to call him Xiao Cai.


Han Zhuofeng looked at Yan Zhiqing, dumbfounded.

Wei Wucai did not get angry when Yan Zhiqing called him that

According to Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai, every time someone called Wei

Wucai that at the Mount Lan Compound, they had to prepare to fight with him.

In the Mount Lan Compound, those who could really beat Wei Wucai could be counted using five fingers.

Yuan Jiangyi could get a draw with Wei Wucai with difficulty.

Hao Donghuai was better.

Although he could not beat Wei Wucai, he was big and thick; he treated Wei Wucai as a training partner to improve his fighting skills.

Every time he wanted to improve his fighting skills and train himself, he would go and anger Wei Wucai by calling him “Xiao Cai.” Surprised, Han Zhuofeng looked at Wei Wucai.

So Wei Wucai really allowed Yan Zhiqing to call him that.

It seemed that Wei Wucai did not see Han Zhuofengs shock as he said, “Thats right.

Zhiqing and I are close enough to call each other this way.”

And he even gave Han Zhuofeng a glance.

It meant that its not just Han Zhuofeng who could be close with Yan Zhiqing.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.

After that, everyone ate and chatted.

All throughout, Han Zhuofeng had to endure Yan Zhiqings shady gaze and Wei Wucais cold glance.

The colder Wei Wucais gaze was, the shadier Yan Zhiqings gaze became, and then Wei Wucais gaze would become even colder.

It was a cycle of death.

Obviously, after Shi Xiaoyas explanation, Han Zhuofeng knew that Yan

Zhiqings gaze was shady because she thought that Wei Wucai was jealous.

He was really… wronged!

“Zhuofeng,” called Yan Zhiqing.

Han Zhuofengs eyes twitched.

He had a bad feeling.

‘What is it” asked Han Zhuofeng carefully.

Smiling, Yan Zhiqing asked, “Whats your ideal type of girl Tell us.

I will help keep a lookout for you.”

As she asked this, she looked at Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai sneered.

He knew what Yan Zhiqing had in mind.

Saying shed help find him a girlfriend was a lie.

She just wanted to know Han Zhuofengs ideal type!

Wei Wucai looked at Han Zhuofeng coldly.

He did not expect that a brat like Han Zhuofeng could have this kind of charm!

“I dont know either,” said Han Zhuofeng dryly..


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