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Chapter 3016 Could Not Laugh Anymore

He asked Wei Wucai in a shady way, “Elder Brother Xiao Cai, your rating of Zhiqing is that good, huh Beautiful and has a good personality.

I have never heard you rate someone like that before.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Though Han Zhuofeng teased him a little, he did not dare to cross the line, stopping while he was ahead.

He did not dare to tease Wei Wucai too much.

Even though Han Zhuofeng had this self-awareness, Wei Wucais gaze was still very unfriendly.

Han Zhuofeng could not bear his gaze anymore and said, “Elder Brother Xiao Cai, stop looking at me like that.

Zhiqing really doesnt have any feelings for me.”

Seeing that Wei Wucai had raised his eyebrows, Han Zhuofeng said, “The reason she looked at me like that is… is because…”

“Because what” said Wei Wucai, full of dislike.

“A man shouldnt be hesitant when he speaks!”

Han Zhuofeng could only risk it all and say, “Because she thinks we two are gay!”

Wei Wucai thought that he heard him wrong and tilted his head.

“What did you say She thinks were what”

Han Zhuofeng sighed, thinking that since he had already said it, Yan Zhiqing should not blame him for betraying her.

If he did not throw Yan Zhiqing under the bus, he would have no way to prove his innocence.

So, Han Zhuofeng sighed and said, “Its all because of you.”

Wei Wucai gave him a glance, thinking, what did this have to do with him

Han Zhuofeng said, “You just had to pay attention to whether Zhiqing had no makeup or light makeup in the morning, even commenting about the lipstick color.

Seeing that you know so much, she guessed that its very possible that youre gay.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

His eyes twitched.

He was so furious that he wanted to go and let Yan Zhiqing see if he really liked men or women.

However, Wei Wucai was Wei Wucai; he would not be dismissed just with a few sentences from Han Zhuofeng.

He quickly discovered the problem.

“Even if she thinks that I am gay, what does this have to do with you Why are you involved”

Wei Wucai hit the bullseye.

Guilty, Han Zhuofeng chuckled dryly and said, “Her suspicion kept growing once it was planted!

“Because you even remembered to order delivery for me at noon, I was so moved that I hugged your arm.

Then, her misunderstanding got worse.


Under Wei Wucais squinted gaze, Han Zhuofengs laughter became more guilty.

Wei Wucai suddenly laughed.

When a man who looked so pretty laughed like that, it could be flirtatious.

However, Han Zhuofeng did not get bewitched by his smile.

Instead, he shivered.

“Elder Brother Xiao Cai, calm down.

Dont laugh like that.”

It was terrifying

Those who did not know Wei Wucai well, especially women, would probably be caught in a daze by Wei Wucais smile, being enchanted by it.

But Han Zhuofeng knew Wei Wucai well!

When Wei Wucai smiled like that, the other person would be unlucky.

Previously, Han Zhuofeng could still gloat and treat it as a joke.

But now, the unlucky one was him.

Han Zhuofeng could not laugh anymore.

As expected, Wei Wucai said, “Is there another reason When we were eating at noon, you held my hand tightly to try to prove your innocence.

In the end, it worsened her misunderstanding, right She thinks that we have some sort of relationship, that she has made me jealous and misunderstand you”

“Hehe…” Han Zhuofeng chuckled dryly.

“If I had known what she was thinking, I wouldnt have held your hand even if you were to kill


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