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Chapter 3022 Not Knowing Where to Go

“I wont really be driving back and forth,” Han Zhuoling said.

“We will just pretend that we are living here.”

When Han Zhuoling saw that Shi Xiaoya was still about to say something, he explained, “I have done my calculations.

There is a longer traffic jam in the city.

If I drive here during rush hour, it would take me around an hour to get out of the traffic jam.

But once I leave that congested region, I will be able to drive fast and it would only take another twenty minutes of driving to get here.”

“Still, thats more than an hour,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Its fine if Han Zhuoling had to drive here after work.

There would be no rush.

But Shi Xiaoya thought that Han Zhuoling would have to leave too early in the morning.

This place was too far from his company, so he would need to leave quite early.

Since Han Zhuoling would be arriving late at night and leaving early the next morning, he wouldnt be able to get enough sleep.

Its fine to do this once or twice.

But if this happened every day, that would be too tiring

If Han Zhuoling didnt get enough sleep and his mental state deteriorated, it would eventually be unbearable.

“I dont have to leave so early in the morning,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I will leave early if theres something urgent in the morning.

But if theres nothing important, I wont leave so early.”

Hearing this, Shi Xiaoya widened her eyes in shock.

She also couldnt believe that Han Zhuoling would say something like this.

Han Zhuoling had always said that as someone in his position and as someone who had achieved so much, he should work even harder than most people.

However, Han Zhuoling didnt even want to bother going to work now

Han Zhuoling laughed and said, “Its just for this period of time.

I wont be doing this forever, so I think its okay.”

He continued, “You have no idea, but when I went back yesterday, something didnt feel right.

It didnt feel like before.

Previously, when you had to go on work trips, you only left for a few days.

But this time, you will be away for two months.

“When I thought of how you would be gone for such a long period of time, I felt as though half of my life had emptied.

“While I was in the office today, I didnt have the energy to focus on work.

I just wanted to get off work and go home.

But when I did go home, you were not there.

As a result, I felt sluggish.” Han Zhuoling sounded pitiful.

“This was what I thought.

If you werent home, whats the point of me returning There would be no one waiting for me there.” Han Zhuoling held Shi Xiaoya up and placed her on top of his legs as he said, “Without your presence, that place wouldnt be considered home.

It would just be a house.

“If you are there, even a hotel room could be considered a home to me.” Han Zhuoling whispered, “It doesnt matter where I am as long as you are there.”

He went on, “When I walked out of the office tonight, I felt lost.

I didnt know where I could go.

“Since you werent at home, I didnt want to go back, but I didnt know where else to go.” Han Zhuoling sighed.

As of now, Lin Liye and Han Dongping had not actually gotten back together.

When Han Dongping apologized, he showed a very good attitude.

He stopped getting involved in the childrens business.

Even though Lin Liye had been harsh towards him this entire time, Han Dongping didnt show any anger.

While Lin Liye appeared cold and distant, he didnt try to please her, but he pretended not to see her cold expressions and kept showing up around her.

Lin Liye herself had no intention of actually living apart from Han Dongping.

Han Dongpings attitude had changed positively.

Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuolings relationships had reached stability as well.

In addition, Han Dongping stopped getting himself involved in the childrens relationships.

Honestly, even if he still wanted to be involved, he couldnt do anything.

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