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Chapter 3028 So, This Is What My Type Looks Like

Totally unperturbed, Han Zhuoling replied, “Ive never thought about it before.

Because before I got to know you, I had no interest in these sorts of things.

Moreover, even if Id had the time to think about these things, Id have rather spent it on work.”

He went on, “Im not trying to brush you off.

I truly have never thought about what type of person I like.”

Otherwise, he would not have gotten married so indifferently just because Han Dongping had picked Xia Yixin back then.

This was because Han Zhuoling had felt at the time that he would perhaps never like anyone of the opposite sex in his entire lifetime.

This was not to say that he liked men.

Even though Han Zhuoling did not have any good feelings about anyone of the opposite sex, he still knew with 100 percent certainty that he liked girls.

However, he had felt that he would not fall for anyone in this lifetime.

He just felt rather dull when he thought about the matter of being fond of someone.

So, since he did not like anyone, he was indifferent to whomever he would marry.

Thinking about it now, Han Zhuoling finally realized that he had actually been very childish at that time.

Yet he had believed he had already matured.

He supposed that most people had such a phase wherein they believed themselves to be infallible.

“Because I never thought about it before, I didnt even have a rough vision of my type.

So when I met you, I didnt even know that thats what it meant to like someone.”

Han Zhuoling lowered his head and rubbed Shi Xiaoyas head, which was abundant with hair.

“However, fortunately, I realized before long that thats what it means to like someone.”

Now, it had developed from liking someone into loving someone.

“After meeting you, I finally realized there was someone I liked.

It was then that I was able to determine…so, this is what my type looks like,” Han Zhuoling said in a low voice.

Shi Xiaoya felt like her health bar had become empty.

How could Han Zhuolings words make her this happy!

In the past, he had never liked anyone.

Later on, when he did like someone, it was someone with this appearance of hers.


On the second day, Shi Xiaoya got up while it was still quite dark.

Han Zhuoling had thought about how Shi Xiaoya had to get up early, so he had not dared to disturb her.

He just hugged her innocently and slept.

The moment Shi Xiaoya moved, Han Zhuoling woke up as well.

He thought about it and felt that he should be content with this situation.

Originally, he would not have even been able to see her.

Just the thought of it was terrible.

Now, at least, the two of them were together and could see each other every day.

Shi Xiaoya had to wake up this early every day.

If he were to grab hold of her and waste her time, it would be too unreasonable.

It was not as if he could not endure a month or two of this.

This was how Han Zhuoling had persuaded himself.

Upon sensing the movement beside him, Han Zhuoling picked up his cell phone to have a look.

It was still very dark inside the room, so when the cell phone screen lit up, that light was especially blinding.

Han Zhuoling closed his eyes to let them adapt for a moment.

Then he squinted and forcefully had a good look at the time displayed on the cell phone screen.

It was only five oclock.

“Go back to sleep,” Shi Xiaoya said when she noticed Han Zhuoling looking at the time.

“You need to wake up this early every day” Han Zhuoling gently wrapped his arms around Shi Xiaoyas slender waist.

He was still very sleepy.


The cast and crew always start work early.

Moreover, I dont just do makeup for Zhiqing.

Im also responsible for some of the supporting actors.

I need to go there ahead of schedule to prepare and wait for the actors to come into position.

I cant be letting the actors wait there for me,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

“Go back to sleep.

You dont need to worry about me,” she said.

“What about your breakfast” Han Zhuoling asked.

“Zhiqing prepares breakfast for me,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Dont worry.”

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