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Chapter 3030 Deal with Each Other

Shi Xiaoya did not know that Han Zhuofeng was here just to watch the fun!

Last night, Wei Wucai had given him a whole speech about how he was going to be Yan Zhiqings “gay bestie.”

Han Zhuofeng became so excited that he almost could not sleep at all.

He was set on finding out how Wei Wucai was going to become Yan Zhiqings gay bestie.

Therefore, he decided that he was not going to drive today and was instead going to ask Yan Zhiqing for a ride.

Because he knew that Wei Wucai was definitely going to be in Yan Zhiqings car.

As Han Zhuofeng wasnt going to drive, Yan Zhiqing, without even intentionally doing so, started waiting for Shi Xiaoya so that she could give her a ride as well.

Shi Xiaoya felt really embarrassed as she was the last to arrive.

“I am so sorry I am late.”

“Its fine.

There is enough time,” Yan Zhiqing responded.

They were very near the set.

The drive would take only around ten or fifteen minutes.

Even so, the group rushed into the car.

They only felt relaxed once the car started steering away from the hotel.

Yan Zhiqing smiled as she looked at Shi Xiaoya and asked, “I heard Han Zhuoling came last night”

Hearing this, Guo Yujie felt really guilty and proceed to stare at the ceiling.

Why did Yan Zhiqing ask this question

Her question made it obvious that Guo Yujie was the one who had spilled the beans!

It happened while everyone was gathering in the hotel lobby this morning.

Yan Zhiqing saw that everyone had arrived, but Shi Xiaoya was still absent.

Feeling confused, she asked Guo Yujie where she was.

Guo Yujie then told her that Han Zhuoling came last night.

Because Shi Xiaoya did not share the same room as Guo Yujie, Guo Yujie had no idea what really happened.

In Shi Xiaoyas opinion, this was not something that should be kept a secret, which was why she did not mind the others knowing about it.

After all, Han Zhuoling would be coming over every day from now on.

And so, Shi Xiaoya smiled and answered, “He came over after work.

He also said that he would be coming over every day.

He would be staying here temporarily, which means he will be leaving here to go to work and coming back here after work.”

Yan Zhiqing clicked her tongue and commented, “I didnt think that Han Zhuoling, someone who appeared so cold and aloof, would become so clingy.”

She supported her chin and took a bite of the bread before continuing, “This must mean that even if you initially thought that they had a personality that clashed with yours, things become different when you really fall in love.”

“Zhiqing, do you like guys who are clingy or aloof” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Han Zhuofeng, being the spectator who was unafraid of things becoming worse, began listening carefully.

Wei Wucais ears pricked up as he turned his attention to Yan Zhiqing.

He then heard Yan Zhiqing say: “Whenever I watch TV series and anime or read novels, I fancy the cold and aloof characters more.”

Wei Wucai frowned and commented, “I cant believe you would be so childish when you are this old.”

He went on, “The characters in TV series, novels, and anime have been beautified.

People who are cold and aloof in real life are not likable!”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


It was not only Yan Zhiqing who would be single forever; Wei Wucai would be single forever as well.

Given their emotional intelligence, it was unknown whether these two would be able to end up together.

However, from another point of view,

Because these two lacked emotional intelligence, they would be able to deal with each other.

They wouldnt look down on each other.

If a different person had been paired with either one of them, that person might look down on them.

As Shi Xiaoya thought this to herself, she saw Yan Zhiqing nod her head, agreeing with Wei Wucais comment.

This surprised Shi Xiaoya.

“You are right.” Yan Zhiqing nodded in agreement.

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