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Suddenly, Yan Zhiqing felt a bit envious.

If it were in the past, she definitely would not have had this sort of feeling.

She would never have had the desire to find out about Wei Wucais past.

In fact, she had not been interested at all in his past, present, or future.

However, Yan Zhiqings feelings had changed now.

“But none of us dared to provoke her, so we just treated her more or less like a brother,” Wei Wucai said.

After all, she was a rascal who would take a life whenever she took action.

She never talked nonsense with anyone.

She was truly unrestrainable.

“Aside from her, what about the others” Yan Zhiqing finally regained her usual composure somewhat.

It was probably due to the relationship Wei Wucai had with the female team member he was currently talking about.

Consequently, Yan Zhiqings heart calmed down.

“You spent every day with so many guys of similar age to you, but you never had feelings for even one of them”

The corner of Wei Wucais eye twitched.

Fortunately, his team members were not around.

Otherwise, if they heard what Yan Zhiqing had just said, they would definitely mock him when they went back!

Even if they knew that he was a straight man, they would still deliberately act as if they were afraid he would fall for them.

…Especially Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai.

Wei Wucai could not help trembling at the thought of Hao Donghuai, that big guy, acting like a King Kong Barbie.

“No,” Wei Wucai said nonchalantly.

“Its just that there has never been a woman I liked.”

Wei Wucai was being very crafty by saying this.

He only said that there was no woman he had ever liked—not that he did not like women.

Unfortunately, under the effects of Wei Wucais charm, Yan Zhiqings mind was not working so well.

So, she did not him slyly change the main point.

“However, Ive never liked any of the men Ive encountered in the past either.

Ultimately, its just that Ive never taken a fancy to anyone,” Wei Wucai said.

“Regardless if theyre men or women.

If were talking about girls, my family has introduced many to me.

Ive met girls with all sorts of appearances and personalities, but Ive never felt anything for any of them.

“I think this is probably just my own problem,” Wei Wucai continued.

“Moreover, since I dont like the girls, why should I waste their time and happiness So, sometimes, I would show a lousier version of myself to make them dislike me rather than let them have good feelings about me only to be left hanging, unable to advance or retreat.

“You could say that I just needed to be a bit cold to them, and that would have been good enough.

However, take Han Zhuoling for example.

Isnt he plenty cold Ive also never seen Han Zhuoli give a warm look to other women.

Same with your brother.

But they still cant stop the women from hoping and being unwilling to give up on them.

“Those girls my family introduced me to were also somewhat prideful.

I merely made it clear that I was refusing to date them, then they said that they too felt I wasnt good enough for them.”

Yan Zhiqing could not help but feel regretful.

She had truly deeply misunderstood Wei Wucai in the past.

It was out of a sense of responsibility and not wanting to drag them into muddy waters with him that Wei Wucai made the situation clear to the other party.

Although his words were not pleasant to hear, at least he did not leave them hanging, wasting their time and feelings.

This was way better than those men who were garbage.

Yan Zhiqing was currently feeling a bit moved as she heard Wei Wucai say, “Since Im going to be disliked by them anyway, I might as well tell them how I really feel.

Otherwise, even if I were to consider their needs, be more caring towards them, and try hard to not hurt their feelings… Ultimately, I would still be unable to avoid being loathed or even resented by them.

In that case, that would be a great loss to me.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Indeed, she was too naive and had felt moved too early.

She absolutely never expected that this was what Wei Wucai actually thought.

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