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“However, to me, its not as easy as that.

Ive signed an agreement.

If I violate it, Ill get fired from the production crew.

That means this isnt actually such a small thing.

This favor of yours… I wont be helping you with it,” Shi Xiaoya said coldly.

“But youre Han Zhuolings wife! The Han Corporation has invested in that movie.

Moreover, youre not simply a staff member,” Luo Qingxian countered.

Shi Xiaoya raised her eyebrows.

She did not expect Luo Qingxian to be so knowledgeable about the situation.

“Even if you violate the rules of the agreement, they wont be able to fire you,” Luo Qingxian said hurriedly.

“So, this is still considered a small matter to you.

You dont have much to worry about at all, so why wont you help me”

Shi Xiaoya was truly angered into a smile.

“Even if they wont really fire me, it will still depend on how much they respect Zhuoling.

But I clearly know the rules.

If I dont abide by them, its a deliberate violation.

It would cause Zhuoling, the Hans, and myself to get discredited.

“It would also bring shame upon my family who raised me.

What would others say about Zhuoling, the Hans, my family, and me” Shi Xiaoya said coldly.

“I am clearly able to abide by the rules, yet I deliberately want to break them Why would I

“I dont actually want to have to use this sort of prerogative, nor do I want to do this sort of matter that would get me called despicable and loathsome.

Im in compliance and am unwilling to violate the rules, so why must I break them because of you To be honest, who are you to me You want me to receive malicious comments from others and let the many people of the families behind me suffer the same fate just to help you”

Shi Xiaoya did not care how angry Luo Qingxian would become or how dramatic she would be when feeling that she was being looked down upon.

Shi Xiaoya was very clear on Luo Qingxians view on the situation.

She just could not be bothered to expose the latter.

No matter how she considered it, Luo Qingxian was someone who did not normally contact her anyway.

Regardless of how Luo Qingxian thought about this, Shi Xiaoya was unable to control Luo Qingxians mind.

However, this did not mean she was completely ignorant about Luo Qingxians thoughts.

It seemed to Shi Xiaoya that Luo Qingxian was actually suffering from an inferiority complex.

So, regardless of what the other party expressed, Luo Qingxian would ultimately always feel like they were looking down on her.

“Additionally, you asked why I wont help you” Shi Xiaoya appeared to recall something funny.

Luo Qingxian was a distance away from her phone, but she still heard Shi Xiaoyas laughter.

“Then I too want to ask you… why should I want to help you” Shi Xiaoya asked in return.

Unexpectedly, Luo Qingxian was not stumped by the question.

“Of course, its because you can.

Moreover, you wont suffer any losses! Since its such a simple thing to you, why are you unwilling to help me”

Shi Xiaoya felt that it was truly very pointless to keep going around in circles like this with Luo Qingxian.

Thus, she said, “Then think whatever you want.

Clearly, our values are incompatible.

Or perhaps its because youre too selfish.

As long as it is something beneficial to you, you feel as if it should be given to you.”

Upon seeing that Shi Xiaoya wanted to refuse doing her the favor and did not have the slightest bit of hesitation, Luo Qingxian said immediately, “Shi Xiaoya, I was your classmate!”

“So what if you were my classmate I have many old classmates.

There were so many students in our class, but none of them are like you, asking for unreasonable request from me as though you have the right to do so.

You even feel that Im in the wrong if I dont help you.

“Do you think youre so charming that you can get everyone to revolve around you” Shi Xiaoya said coldly.

“So helping you is something I ought to do, and if I dont do it, Im in the wrong.

I really want to ask you… just what makes you think this is the case”

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